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3 Android 12 Features You Can Enable on Any Android

A month ago, Google began preliminary tests of Android 12. Traditionally, only developers who own Google Pixel smartphones were attracted to them. The test assemblies were called the Developer Preview. Despite the fact that this is a closed…

Best wireless chargers with Aliexpress

Wireless chargers have become part of our daily life. My colleague Artem Sutyagin is a big fan of wireless chargers, he placed them all over the house so that in any incomprehensible situation there was an opportunity to recharge the…

How to disable autocomplete on Android

Autocomplete is a very useful thing. Thanks to her, we can not waste time manually interrupting the widest range of data that we periodically need on the Internet. Logins, passwords, bank card numbers, name and surname, delivery address,…

When will AirPods 3 come out and what they will be

Rumors of the imminent release of AirPods 3 surfaced in October 2019, shortly before the announcement and start of sales of AirPods Pro. In March 2019, in case you forgot, AirPods 2 came out. I'm not sure the October rumors were the first -…


PDFConvertFree Review: Free…

PDFConvertFree Review: Free online tool to manage PDF files It is true there are numerous PDF readers available but in terms of software that can be used to convert PDF to other formats, there are not too many options…





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