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Apple went against itself to boost iPhone sales

It seems that in Cupertino they decided to revise their own customer service policy, starting to offer a new model to those who requested an iPhone repair, Bloomberg writes. Thus, Apple seeks to increase sales of branded smartphones, hoping…

A problem that any Apple Watch owner might face

Last year, Apple Watch became the most popular smartwatch - now the device occupies more than half of the global market, leaving the closest competitors far behind. Reliability Apple Watch also does not take, because they have almost no…

iOS 12.2 beta 2: What’s new?

Last night, the second beta of the iOS 12.2 mobile operating system became available. According to Apple, this update is aimed at eliminating errors and improving stability. We present to your attention a brief overview of all the changes…


PDFConvertFree Review: Free…

PDFConvertFree Review: Free online tool to manage PDF files It is true there are numerous PDF readers available but in terms of software that can be used to convert PDF to other formats, there are not too many options…





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