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Why social media is losing popularity


Social networks have become part of our life: watching the news, videos, listening to music, various fan communities – all this has come to be in one place thanks to social networks. With the rapid development of instant messengers, users began to gradually change their tastes, and social networks began to decline in attendance. I myself have noticed that there are far fewer friends online now. What happened? When will social media disappear? What is the reason for this?

Why Telegram is better than VK

According to research by the Levada Center, the number of social media users continues to fall. If earlier services had an increase in attendance, then for many years the decline has continued. In any case, the people interviewed began to visit them less often. This is not surprising: people realized that social networks began to take too much time, and there was insanely little unique content in them. An incredible amount of advertising, which is found at every step, also influences: advertising appeared in the VK feed, even in short videos, which makes viewing as inconvenient as possible.

The rapid development of Telegram channels also strongly affects the situation: in them, all news is limited to a small but succinct message that collects many comments. This is much more convenient than reading a huge post in which the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle. In addition, it is impossible to stay on Telegram for a very long time, it is enough to look into several channels, where interesting updates came out, and view them.

Why social media is copying features

Social networks have become similar to each other: there are stories everywhere, an analog of TikTok, paid subscriptions, advertising. Services do not hesitate to copy each other, losing their uniqueness. Even Twitter has succumbed to the temptation by introducing Stories last year. This made the company very angry with the users who considered the implementation of the function idiocy.

What’s new on Instagram

Instagram is trying to evolve as a video platform. Nobody is interested in photographs anymore, but short Reels are what you need to while away the time at work. Precisely because Instagram is a place for various videos, users rarely finish reading long texts placed under a photo. Why, if it’s easier to see the “dotted line” of short stories. Against this background, even memes are losing popularity – you need to look at the picture with the text, read it, and they go to Instagram absolutely not for this. Another thing is that Instagram did not succeed at all with IGTV – users are used to short videos, and for long videos, they go to YouTube.

It is also important to say that most people are gradually moving away from the “show of life” – in general, there is nothing to show, you don’t want to fool around either, and classmates and acquaintances who used to follow their life and gossip found more important things to do. This is good news because we are slowly starting to live for ourselves again – in recent years we were all more interested in what others have there, and this is not entirely correct.

What will happen after social networks?

What will happen next with social networks is a moot point. It is possible that services will continue to steal each other’s functions, which will lead to their mutual cloning. There will be very few differences, as a result of which users will simply start using only one social network so as not to waste time. In another case, stagnation will occur, which, as it seems to me, is happening right now – nothing new appears in services, instant messengers are suitable for communication.

Pages in social networks remain just out of habit, it’s a pity to delete them, because there are so many memorable photos. No one has canceled listening to music either: over the years of use, a large number of audio recordings have accumulated , and I don’t want to stay without such a library. Users will simply prefer to leave one page “just in case”, visiting it at best once a day.

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