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Cool stuff from the Squid game on AliExpress


Have you watched The Squid Game? A Korean drama that premiered this year and instantly won the love of the audience. The audience liked it so much that the studio that filmed it even sued Netflix because after the premiere so many people came to her site that the entire online infrastructure just collapsed. I also looked at the novelty and, it seems, for the first time since Breaking Bad, I was so impressed. I think there are a lot of people among you who have appreciated the series. So, you will definitely like these “Squid Game” tricks from Aliexpress.

Squid Game Mask

Apparently, the coronavirus pandemic is not going to go anywhere at all, which means that we will not get rid of the need to wear personal protective equipment soon. So why not, for that matter, replace the boring, melancholy medical masks with something more attractive and interesting? A mask in the style of “Squid Games” is perfect for this, which will not only reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 but also allow others to understand that you are also in the subject.

There are several options available: with geometric shapes, like the guards of the complex where the players were, with the participant’s number, with an intricate logo of the game, as well as repeating the shape of the host’s mask. Despite the fact that some masks have perforations on the outside, they are reliably protected inside and even have a removable filter that needs to be replaced from time to time. Of the additional conveniences, I would like to note the adjustable ear hook sizes so as not to tighten the ears or, conversely, not to hang from the face.

Tumbler toy

Obviously, The Squid Game is not a show for kids. The problems of social inequality, which he raises, will simply be of no interest to them, and the cruelty of some scenes is clearly harmful to the fragile psyche. Therefore, this tumbler, executed in the form of the heroes of the “Game”, is rather a product for adult fans of the series who either want to feel nostalgic with a toy from their childhood adapted to modern realities or just want to have it on their shelf or desktop.

The tumbler is available in two colors: green with the number 456 like the main character and red like the guards. However, the red toys are not the same. They are distinguished by geometric shapes on the face. One has a triangle, the other has a circle, and the third has a square. These figures represent the status of the guards. True, you won’t be able to choose the desired option when placing an order. It says on the product page that the seller ships them at random. But, I think, if you write him a private message through the built-in messenger, he will try to fulfill your request.

Keychain Squid game

I’m not a big fan of all kinds of trinkets and jewelry. Therefore, I don’t wear a chain, let alone a watch. However, the keychain on the keys to the apartment is hanging from me. Previously, I used it to distinguish my bundle from the bundles of household members, and then, when I began to use the housekeeper, I just left everything as it is. Surely, there are a lot of people like me – fans of key fobs on keys. This stray in the style of “Squid Games” will suit them.

More than a dozen key fobs in different versions are available in the seller’s assortment. Each of them has a silhouette of a character from the series, but there is also a doll from the first game, as well as a double version of the two main characters. Keychains are made of a material such as acrylic, very similar to plastic, but more durable, and fastening to the keys is carried out using a metal ring on a chain.

T-shirt Squid game

Let’s go through the clothes. These are perhaps the most valuable attributes in today’s collection. Firstly, a thing for everyday wear – even at home – is more practical. And, secondly, this way you can more clearly express your admiration for the series. After all, this is what merch is created for.

There are several options for T-shirts, differing from each other both in materials of execution and in price. For example, there is the cheapest version for 130 rubles. For this money, you can choose absolutely any size. But keep in mind that it will not be cotton, but a synthetic T-shirt that does not absorb sweat and is less pleasant to the body.

A costume like in the Squid Game

For those who do not need a T-shirt, but need something more solid, we offer a tracksuit similar to the characters from the Squid Game. Despite the product name given in the heading of the page, this is a set that includes both a tracksuit and trousers. Only green is available for sale, but you can choose a number like your favorite participant in the game. The assortment has numbers: 67, 212, 218, 001, 240, and 456. Choose any that you like and place an order. 

Suit material – polyester. But since it is supposed to be worn not on a naked body, then there is nothing wrong with that. After all, even Lacoste and Fred Perry make their suits from the same material, although they cost an order of magnitude more than this merch. Be careful when choosing the size. On the product page, detailed instructions for taking measurements are given, but keep in mind that the seller gives a Chinese dimensional grid, which is smaller than ours. So take things with a margin, so to speak, not overgrown.

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