The Nine Different Forms of Windows 10

Windows follows a specific trend as far as its new versions go. A good version of Windows, such as XP, is followed by a bad version, such as Vista, which is followed by a good version, such as Windows 7, which is once again followed by a bad version such as Windows 8. Microsoft seems to be continuing this trend with the next generation of their operating system, the long-awaited and much anticipated Windows 10, which is going to be available in nine different versions in order to make it more versatile so as to meet diverse customer needs. Here is a list of the nine different forms of Windows 10 that you can get, along with what sets them apart from each other.

Windows 10

Different Versions of Windows 10


The first version of Windows 10 is the basic consumer version which is simply called Windows 10 Home. This version of the OS features all of the basic features that you would expect from Microsoft, such as support for Windows Universal Apps as well as the new Edge browser which is essentially a newer and sleeker form of the universally derided Internet Explorer.


A version of Windows 10 Home will possess Microsoft’s digital personal assistant called Cortana. However, Cortana will only be available in versions of Windows 10 Home that are purchased in certain locations.


The next version of Windows 10 packs a bit more of a punch. It is called Windows 10 Pro and possesses all of the functionalities of Windows 10 Home plus access to cloud services and mobile device management services.


If you get Pro, you also receive the option to get the Windows Update for Business which is the third type of Windows 10 that you can purchase. This version allows you to delay security updates for whatever reason seems valid to you.


The fourth kind of Windows 10 that you can purchase is called Windows 10 Enterprise and it possesses DeviceGuard which is a system that allows you to block out apps that aren’t certified for the purposes of keeping your computer safe.


The fifth kind of Windows 10 that is available for you to purchase is called Windows 10 Education. It has been specifically designed to be used by students and teachers. Students can automatically upgrade to this version if they already have Windows 10 Home or Pro.


Windows 10 Mobile is one of the two forms of the Windows 10 that is available for smartphones. It allows access to the app store as well as all the Universal apps and possesses Continuum which is a system whereby you can use your smartphone like it was a computer.

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Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is the second of the two forms of the Windows 10 that is available for smartphones. It is for individual buying volume licenses.


The final version of Windows 10 is the IoT Core version which is power poor and low-cost devices.

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