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How to convert screenshot to text with a free OCR software


The capability of grabbing text from screenshot and image could boost your productivity. There is no need to retype them and you can produce error-free text document. If you are looking for a smart and handy tool to convert image or screenshot to text, then you are landing on the right place. In this post, a free screenshot OCR program is recommended so that you can ocr screenshot on both Windows and Mac platforms.

convert screenshot to textOverview for Easy Screen OCR.

Just as described earlier, Easy Screen OCR is capable of grabbing editable text from images and screenshots. Equipped with powerful OCR engine, Easy Screen OCR guarantees a high accuracy when recognizing uncopiable text on screenshot and image. After testing, the accuracy could be more than 99% so you can rely on it to ocr screenshot and produce text with no issues. More important than anything else, the OCR process is in the cloud so the program is much smaller in size than other general OCR software in digital marketing. What should be highlighted is that the whole OCR process is in the cloud. The screenshot you capture will be converted into strings and codes and then uploaded to the cloud. When the OCR process is completed, Easy Screen OCR will return the text back and show in the panel. That’s how Easy Screen OCR works. The process is safe and privacy protection.

Key features for Easy Screen OCR

  1. Small in size, Less than 15 MB after installation.
  2. No Main Window. An icon will show up in that taskbar.
  3. Support capturing screenshot and convert screenshot to text.
  4. Support saving screenshot as png/jpg/bmp and PDF.
  5. Support capturing screenshot with hotkeys.
  6. Support customizing your own hotkeys to capture and ocr
  7. Support more than 100 languages you can recognize.
  8. Support ocr screenshot in the cloud.

How to grab text from screenshot on Windows

It is quite simple to ocr screenshot when Easy Screen OCRis installed on Windows system or Mac system. Walk through the next a few steps you will get the trick to convert screenshot to text.

  1. Run Easy Screen OCR on Windows or Mac
  2. Capture screenshot. By default, the hotkey is “Control+1”. You can specify your own shortcut. Right-click on the icon in the taskbar and go to “Preference ->HotKey”
  3. The new form will show up when you have captured a screenshot. Click “OCR” button and Easy Screen OCR starts converting and OCR process. You should keep network connection alive.
  4. When the OCR process is completed, Easy Screen OCR will show up a window with the extracted text.

Easy Screen OCR is not only a windows software but also a mac ocr app. This mac osocr software is now available on App Store and you can get it downloaded there for free. The process of ocr screenshot on Mac is quite similar as on Windows. If you are a Mac user, it time to give this free mac ocr app a try.


In this post, we have revealed a trick to ocr screenshot on both Mac and Windows with a free ocr software. To improve productivity and ocr screenshot in high accuracy, you should have a reliable and cost-effective program. Then, Easy Screen OCR should be the one which deserves a try.

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