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Actively And Effectively! Little-Known Facebook Tricks


The monthly social network Facebook enjoys 870 million people from around the world. Therefore, users from the USA have become much more active in using Facebook. Where a lot of people – there is an advertisement. The only question is, what kind of advertising should this be, in which corner to hang it and on whom to orient? Find the right answers help the tools of Facebook, which few know. However, these advertising resources significantly reduce marketing budgets and increase its effectiveness. What are we talking about?

First, find the client!

Before planning to advertise, it is important to understand – for whom it is intended. This will help Facebook. But do not forget to translate the page into English first. This tool works only with this version of the page. Select English from the list of languages. After that, the Graph Search tool becomes available to you. It allows you to see the audience on the pages of competitors. It is very likely that these subscribers will like your products or services. To see all the subscribers of the page, enter the query “people liked” in the search filter of the tool.

It is convenient and appropriate to select potential customers at their location. To determine such, write in the filter the query “people who live in the city”. It is also recommended to sort the audience according to the age qualification. To do this, enter the “pages you love by people over the age” and specify the lower age threshold. Read the pages of the selected users. Pay attention to their records, interests, and workplaces. Take a look at the photos, they will tell you about the lifestyle. Add them as friends. Over time, the content policy will help to weed out random subscribers and turn potential customers into real consumers.

Ask your competitors

To quickly and efficiently choose the style of content, contact your competitors. For this, it is worth starting a business page. In the settings, there is a “statistics” section. It contains a field for entering a link. Place a link in it on the competitor’s Facebook page. The system allows you to place several links. With this tool, you can find out the number of users on these pages, as well as the level of activity. Do not have to fumble around the pages of competitors and track the number of views. All necessary information will be provided by this option, saving your time.

Views, not impressions

There is no point in showing ads when they are not looking at it. It is advisable to display messages when potential customers are on the network. It is enough to set the parameters of Advertising screening when placing an advertisement message. How to do it? When placing ads automatically default settings are non-stop displays. This is true for online businesses, whose services are available around the clock. If your activity is connected with the support of operators – demonstrate the message only during business hours of your office. Without calling, many consumers will not call again. In addition, each target group has its own hours of activity. Adjust to the lifestyle of your audience. When placing an advertisement, click on the “graph of impressions” and set the time for displaying.

Sell picture

Not an unimportant role in the success of an advertising campaign is played by visual content. The worst thing a marketer can do is select the images to his liking. However, the reaction of the public can be very unpredictable. Do not experiment at the expense of the company’s budget. Let the audience tell what visual content is most suitable. With the help of the tool Split-test-photos, you can test the advertising materials. It allows you to upload up to 6 photos to one ad. As a result, the user will see the same message, but the image will change every time it is shown. The system automatically removes images that receive the least amount of clicks.

Actively And Effectively! Little-Known Facebook Tricks

Carousel of pictures

The carousel tool allows you to create exciting and entertaining advertising. Using it, you can create an unusual advertisement, consisting of pictures. Carousel allows you to use up to 10 images. You can add your own header to each picture. So you can make a comic, or another story in pictures, which is very positively perceived by consumers. It is noteworthy that each picture can lead to a separate site. This is very relevant for advertising an online store.

Marketing show

A video is more interesting than the text. While the promotion tools on Facebook do not include video content, however, you can create it using a slideshow. This option is in the “advertising manager”. Such a manifestation will not provide transitions to the site, but it will certainly draw attention to the company. It is noteworthy that advertising slideshows can collect not only views but also likes.

Attractive leads Practice

and time proved the effectiveness of leads. On Facebook, such as consist of a title, a short text, a picture and a form to fill out. Thus, you can not only declare yourself but also gather contacts of potential customers. Take into account: the more fields to fill – the less likely that they will be filled. Leave only 3 fields: to enter a name, phone number, and e-mail address.

For advantageous offers, An interesting format for advertising is offered by Facebook tools. With its help, you can effectively advertise discount promotions. On Facebook, this type of advertising is called “offer.” It can accommodate not only the traditional content of the ad but also the percentage of discounts.

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Spare way

Having many subscribers, it is difficult to find a new audience. Nevertheless, the process of attraction should continue. To find eligible subscribers, use the Lookalike-Audience tool. In the “Advertising Manager”, select the “similar audience” feature. Specify the age and geographical parameters to search for suitable subscribers. The system itself will find the necessary audience, based on the habits and preferences of the existing subscribers of the page. The analysis passes through 98 parameters. The lower the number in the match statistics, the more suitable the displayed user is.facebook lookalike audienceIn these settings, you can also search for similar users, based on the statistics of video views. To create a list of users to search for similar users, select subscribers from those who have watched your video for the longest time.

What to talk with the client?

When planning an advertising strategy, do not forget to plan the content. An important role in the promotion of the page is played by content. What should it be?

The answer is unambiguous: the content must be diverse, otherwise, the page will become tedious and predictable. A bored customer is a dangerous sign. Write daily about different things. About what?

All messages must correspond to the company’s theme. Give quotes and aphorisms, people are very fond of such content. Share the news of the company and the industry. Communicate your opinion about what is happening in your industry. Leave links to useful materials from your site and competitors pages.

Do not be afraid of competition, it attracts the audience. Place funny pictures, funny memes and funny jokes on the topic. In doing so, do not forget that the company consists of living people. Show their pictures. Funny shots of personal life and production process are especially interesting.

Share news from the workplace sometimes describes the workday of employees.

Place questionnaires and provoke discussions.

All this in a clear sequence will help significantly reduce the budget and increase the audience.

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