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Sea Of ​​Thieves: What Is The Game About


Sea of Thieves from the very announcement (already more than two years ago) remains a dark horse. No matter how much they talk about it, and in the head does not form an integral idea of what it is all the same for the game. Closed beta testing allowed to enter these mysterious waters. What awaits us in the sea of thieves and robbers.

The game is tested on Xbox One X. Developers showed a lot of commercials with the gameplay Sea of Thieves. And every time there was a hope that now we will understand what it is about. But no. That is, it is obvious that we are waiting for the game about pirates, swimming, treasure hunts and battles, tied to multiplayer. But for what it’s all? How do all mechanics fit together? Passing these days closed testing (it was extended until Wednesday ) gave answers to some questions. Unfortunately, they are not very reassuring.

Sea of Mindless Possibilities

Any story in the Sea of Thieves is not overlooked. At least in the beta, and in numerous interviews about her, not a word. We dare to assume that Rare will limit himself to a beautiful introductory video and advertising parting words of the kind “Become a legend among pirates!”. In the test version, the player is simply thrown into the open world, where one has to figure out what’s what for.


Whatever you say, and the seascapes in the Sea of ​​Thieves are beautiful
Whatever you say, and the seascapes in the Sea of Thieves are beautiful

Before this, however, you need to choose how you want to play: alone, with a partner or in a group of four pirates. We hope that in the full version it will be possible to team up directly in the game. The choice directly affects the ship – the more the company, the larger the ship will give you.

The first voyage gives exclusively positive emotions. The control of the ship is much more complicated than in the same Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Unscrew the sails and select the desired angle for them by hand, using the appropriate rope. And for each mast, this is a separate operation. And do not forget to lift the anchor. How? Only rotating the deck of the deck, of course. This is not a resort for you, yellow-eyed!

Sea of Thieves makes you remember the skills of orienteering on the terrain. The only opportunity to look at the map is at the table in the captain’s cabin. There is no help in the navigation interface. You will have to make a course with a compass in your hands. Maneuver alone is obtained only with a small ship, and even there the partner would not be in the way. Therefore, in a team on a large ship, interaction and voice communication are critically important: one looks at the map (thanks to the fact that there is an icon of the ship on it), the other stands at the helm and holds the course, the third in charge of the sails, and the fourth sits in a crow’s nest on a high mast, looking around the neighborhood for interesting places and potential danger.

"Keep the course straight, the salad!"
“Keep the course straight, the salad!”

But between small islands is not only your ship. Judging by the “beta”, in one game world at the same time there may be a couple of dozen more people. Meeting with other players can turn into anything: they can both attack you and offer help, so you can hit in the back. Voice chat works in such a way that two can communicate, regardless of which groups they are in, the main thing is to be close in the virtual space.

Such occasional meetings give birth to the most vivid moments in the Sea of Thieves. The battles of ships look cool and tense, and the victory requires the exertion of strength from each member of the team. Even shooting from a cannon is a tricky business. In addition to the need to calculate the trajectory of the core, each gun needs to be recharged after the shot. And the heavy shells must still be dragged from the warehouse.

To flood an enemy ship, you must literally riddle it. Cracks can and should be closed with boards, which must be kept in stock in the hold and scoop up excess water with buckets. There are a lot of duties, so the victory is most often given to the most coordinated team. Sea battles are good not only at the level of the idea but also successfully implemented – with simple rules that perfectly fit into the atmosphere and create a spirit of camaraderie. But there are such collisions rarely.

The raging sea is the most terrible of all enemies
The raging sea is the most terrible of all enemies

What do you have to do most of the time? Routine. Boring and quickly driving into sleep, if you do not try to entertain yourself on your own. Sea of Thieves is not really trying to motivate the player. Authors tell with rapture about the vast sea spaces, islands, and treasures. But there is a catch. The world and the truth are decent in size and will be even more in the full version, and the islands – for fifty at least. Only there is nothing to do here.

Tasks are given by representatives of one of three factions: gold hunters, traders, and shamans. Each quest – “swimming” in terms of the game – assumes that you will go to a certain scrap of land, find the target and return for the reward. In the “beta” there are only instructions for hunting for buried treasures. Take another order, swim to the next island, and then either solve the riddle, or you are looking for a cross on the map.

Do you think there are some rare things in the chests found? It was not there. The find can only be exchanged with a representative of the faction for coins. There is a small variation in the types of chests. One, for example, naturally cries and eventually floods the ship. To swim to a safe harbor, you must constantly monitor the water level. But it does not change the essence. Your reward is just a purse with gold and an additional reputation for the group. Maybe this status gives something interesting? With a stretch – the higher the rank, the more difficult tasks you can take. Missions become multi-stage and include visits to several islands. But there was no narrative, no.

The visual style of Sea of ​​Thieves is at least interesting
The visual style of Sea of Thieves is at least interesting

What is the point? Perhaps in the development of your character? Hmm, see for yourself. For the reward, you can buy new clothes and equipment, but that’s all. The role of the pumping system is not provided. Kinds of weapons are minimal, and it is rarely necessary to apply it. The melee is primitive – an easy and hard blow and the ability to put a block. No frills. From opponents – skeletons, sharks and hostile players. Dying after a couple of strokes or one successful shot.

With ships the same story. In the test version, they cannot be changed at all, and on the release, judging by the information from the developers, it will be possible to hang only cosmetic improvements. Sparingly, frankly speaking. New variations of quests, which are reduced to the same, and an extensive wardrobe is unlikely to help keep the players’ attention for long. Single Sea of Thieves generally runs the risk of getting bored in a couple of hours. The played teams will last longer, simply because together it is always more fun – you can chat and laugh. But why spend a few Dollars on the game for this is a big question.

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In a long voyage you have to have fun with songs and dances
In a long voyage, you have to have fun with songs and dances

I want to believe that after the release of Sea of Thieves there will be more opportunities. Not just more than the “beta” showed (and found in the archives of inquisitive players), but new mechanics and at least some kind of narrative. The game looks beautiful, not devoid of interesting ideas, which successfully emphasize the pirate atmosphere. Only here neither a clear goal nor prolonged fun could not be found in any buried chest.

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