The best games of February for PC and PS4

Best Games of February. In February this year there will be not many major releases, so you have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the new products.

If you are an avid gamer, you know that most major projects are released in the autumn (mid-October-late November) and in the spring (from March to the end of May). In winter and summer, almost no one lets out AAA games, with a rare exception, because at this time you either hike on the seas or play games that you already bought in the first and third quarters of the same year.

Best Games of February 2018

In February 2018 for the PC platform, there are only two major games of the AAA level – Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Metal Gear Survive. Plus, several really interesting projects are released on the PlayStation 4. Today I will tell you about these new products, so that you understand what is at stake and whether it is worth spending your money on these products of the gaming industry.

EA Sports UFC 3 (Xbox One, PS4)

Fans of the MMA fighting sports simulator will be completely ecstatic about what EA Sports has prepared for them in the new UFC 3. The graphics have been raised to a whole new level, the animation has become even more realistic and smooth, they have added many effects, the strokes and techniques have also become more like real ones.EA Games UFC 3 Xbox One PS4

In addition, in the career mode, you will be selected from the very bottom – to fight in the lowest echelons, to win the fans’ love, to gain fame and organize excitement around their performances.

Rest, it is the same fighting game with very convenient control, a mass of professional fighters and competitions. Ideal game for those who want from the fighting game is realistic. For everyone else, there is Mortal Kombat.


  • more settings for playing with friends
  • career mode
  • realistic battle animation
  • the press of fighters is even steeper
  • the closest to reality fighting game.

May not like because:

  • price
  • does not go to the PC.

It released on February 2, on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

The game Shadow of the Colossus – a masterpiece that requires attention, thoughtful passage and study. This is not the game you’ll run for a couple of days off, in order to put a tick in your mind and go on to shoot multiplayer shooters.Japanese developers have come up with a plot that even when you read a brief description – it’s Goosebumps!shadow-of-the-colossus-screen-01-ps4

A weak, awkward, lonely young guy carries the lifeless body of his girlfriend to places where people have not appeared for a long time. Having reached the goal, the young man appeals to the spirit with entreaty – he is ready to do anything to save his girlfriend. And, the spirit gives him the task, for the fulfillment of which life will return to the beloved. The young man needs to destroy 16 stone giants, each of which is protected by the colossus. Can a guy with difficulty raise his sword to fight stone giants?

I think you also wondered how this battle could end. We will find out already on February 6, the release of a modern version of this story is scheduled for this date.


  • heart-breaking history
  • Japanese game classic

It releases on February 6 on the PS4 platform.

Dynasty Warriors 9

All previous games of the Dynasty Warriors series did not achieve great popularity outside of Asia, but the developers from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force decided to completely rebuild the series. According to the creators of the project, Dynasty Warriors 9 will give you an unforgettable experience of passing – you will be given a vast open world in which you can explore almost all of China, eighty-three heroes from the previous parts of the series and the opportunity to freely choose activities and activities.

Dynasty Warriors 9

In order to attract new users into the game, the management of the ninth part will be completely reworked and will become easier. This important innovation was emphasized in the broadcast of the Greatest Games Lineup in History, where the game was presented for the first time.

Dynasty Warriors 9 - 2

At the time of the announcement, no one spoke of the platforms on which Dynasty Warriors 9 will be introduced, but now the complete information is available – only the PlayStation 4. The rest of the platform is overboard and the data that the developer plans to move the ninth part to the PC or Xbox in the future.


  • The open world of China
  • Simplified combat system
  • a new playable character
  • exclusive PS4

May not like because:

  • only on PS4
  • a kind of graphics

It releases on February 8 on the PS4 platform.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The first news that screenwriter and designer of the Mafia series Daniel Vavra (Daniel Vavra) plan to release a medieval RPG appeared in December 2013. Then Varva only talked about the release on the PC and his studio Warhorse Studios could not find a publisher. In the announcement, we were promised spectacular battles with close combat, a nonlinear plot and low cost of the game itself. The engine was chosen CryEngine 3.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

It took a lot of time before the studio found a publisher – Deep Silver, which released such hits as STALKER: Clear Sky, Dead Island, Metro: Last Light, three parts of Risen and many other cool projects.

During the development of the engine was changed to a more modern CryEngine 4, improved the graphics, strengthened the nonlinearity of the plot and on February 13 the game can be purchased for any of the modern platforms – PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



  • the most non-linear plot with a thousand quest characters
  • the realistic melee system
  • a great virtual world
  • the first chapter of the game of three runs for 30 hours
  • storming fortresses, a dynamic virtual world
  • events unfold in 1403 in the kingdom of Bohemia
  • there is no seasonal pass

May not like because:

  • completely single player game.

It releases on February 13 on PC platforms, Xbox One and PS4.

Metal Gear Survive (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The game Metal Gear Survive immediately after the official announcement gained a lot of haters, which without a twinge of conscience demean the project on all possible platforms, forums, sites, and ratings. The reason is simple, although not entirely logical, and consists of leaving the Hideo Studio of Kojima.

The project is the first product created by Konami Digital Entertainment, after the departure of the legendary developer and creator of the entire Metal Gear series, and users decided to put all the negative and resentment on Survive.Metal Gear Survive

However, if you look at the game without prejudice and forget that there will not be Snake here and Kojima’s “father” did not put a hand on it, you can get a lot of fun from playing with your friends or self-survival.

The product is an online action adventure where you travel between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain fight for your survival.

There is even a good plot about alternative reality and creatures from crystals, wishing death to our hero and his team, which is a big rarity for projects where the player needs to survive and nothing more.

The strongest side of Metal Gear Survive is a cooperative of four people, where you can fight, win, survive and have fun together with your friends.

You can play yourself, in which case you will have three more teammates and you will even give them orders to give. In some situations, the second option will be more attractive.



  • cooperative for 4 people
  • plot outset
  • attractive graphics and gameplay
  • Konami does not do bad

May not like because:

  • Hideo Kojima does not participate
  • ratings in ratings will be low
  • there is no single storyline

It releases on February 22 on PC platforms, Xbox One and PS4.

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Past Cure (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Despite some similarity of the storyline of Past Cure with the already released game projects, the game looks quite interesting and the fans of the thoughtful stealth passing the company of the main character will like.

Plus, the product was created by an independent studio Phantom 8 Studios, and against the background of other indie crafts, the story of Jan looks much more mature and stronger.Past Cure

The protagonist, Jan, was specially trained and now owns telekinesis, knows how to create his own projection and manage the passage of time. However, for such a classy ability he had to tight – Ian lost part of his personality and now wants to take revenge on the “creator” for the atrocity.

Well, how many games with similar abilities in the main character came to your mind? And how many scenes in which the hero loses memory or a piece of personality, you remember? I think, even in the games of last year there was a whole darkness of similar scenarios.

On the other hand, to name the game a bad language does not turn – graphics at the height, an excellent secretive passage with the use of character skills and battles in two worlds at once, the presence of at least some storyline and support by all modern platforms.


  • time management
  • astral projections
  • secretive passage
  • adult indie game

May not like because:

  • indie-game
  • exceptionally single
  • the plot does not surprise at all

It releases on February 23 on PC platforms, Xbox One and PS4.

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