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Angry Birds Champions Can Now Be Played For Money


Fans of the arcade Angry Birds can now earn real money by destroying green pigs from slingshots. The “cash” version of the game Angry Birds Champions is available through the new iOS application of the online platform WorldWinner.

Angry Birds Champions Can Now Be Played For Money

In addition to “angry birds,” where you can compete for money in Tetris, solitaire, scrabble and other games. Soon will be released Android-version.

Angry Birds Champions For Cash

As the head of WorldWinner Jeremy Shee told Engadget, Angry Birds Champions was released with the permission of the studio-developer of a series of games about angry birds, Rovio. It is based on the original, not modified physics of the game.

Competitions are held in the asynchronous format: paying for the possibility of participation less than a dollar, the user chooses the type of tournament, after which he is awarded points. Next, the program finds another player similar in level, which goes through the same levels.

The money prize (usually a few dollars) is collected by the user with the highest score, and WorldWinner reserves a small commission. When selecting an opponent, various factors are taken into account, including the number of games played, the winning ratio, the average or better results.

The first part of Angry Birds was released in 2009. Since then, it has been loaded over four billion times, giving rise to a mass of spin-offs. As part of the franchise, for example, a part of Angry Birds Transformers appeared, in which the main characters took the form of robots.

Angry Birds Space, the action in which unfolds in outer space, Angry Birds Star Wars about the Jedi birds, the “female” version of Angry Birds Stella and etc.

Playing for real money, perhaps, will help revive the dying interest in the franchise. She expressed confidence that the online version of Angry Birds Champions will easily dial “tens of thousands” of players.

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