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EaseUS Data Recovery: A Software To Have A Look


In our last post, we wrote about Best Free Data Recovery Software. Today we present a detailed review of EaseUS Data Recovery software is a unique and innovative tool that helps you restore lost files. This free recovery data software is a very user-friendly interactive Data Recovery Wizard that does not compromise on time and its easy-to-use interface can be operated by anyone.

EaseUS Data Recovery

It can help you recover data that is lost due to a variety of reasons. Most common of all being that you might have accidentally deleted your files. Files can also be lost if you format your disks. In addition to that, drives can be damaged or perhaps deadly viruses may have affected your data adversely. No matter what the situation is, EaseUs Data Recovery can easily recover your files in a jiffy.

EaseUS Data Recovery Review

Furthermore, it can also help you recover data from a number of different storage devices. For example, your hard drive may have crashed or your USB may be malfunctioning, the free data recovery software can efficiently track down all the lost files and bring them back to you in no time. It is compatible with other storage devices as well such as memory cards, cameras, music players, mobile phones etc.

The software has two modes that allow you the flexibility in terms of how you want to scan. The Quick Scan mode runs automatically and is basically a function whereby the software scans the drive or disk that you have selected at a superficial level. However, if you are unable to find the files through Quick Scan, the Deep Scan mode will allow you to run a thorough scan of the selected location and will bring out the file that you may be looking for.

The biggest benefit of using EaseUs Data Recovery tool is that it enables you to preview the files that have been found through the scan and let you select them individually. This means you can select the files that you want which increases efficiency in terms of speed. Moreover, you can also select categories before running the scan. For example, you may have lost a video file and therefore, you can select the video category for scanning. This increases the scanning speed as the software does not scan the entire drive.

In addition to this, there is an import and export function as well. This allows you to save a lot of time as you can simply import the scan results previously exported and resume from there. Therefore, you do not have to start the scan all over again.

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