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6 Best Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Data


In these days, much free data recovery software is available that has the optimized solution to different sudden data loss. This software’s are very well programmed with an ‘undelete’ feature. Hold on! You’re not going to get a direct button for this but it works effectively to recover the data completely from your computer and even from the external devices.

Data Recovery Software

With a plethora of choices available these days, both online and offline, the search for getting the best software is a general question. While some are packed with user-friendly features while others work in a more advanced recovery search. The recovery software has at least the basic feature that efficiently recovers all the lost files and folders.

Different Types Of Data Recovery Software!

So, whether some unwanted programs or worms that resulted in the data loss or accidental deletion of files, these file recovery programs are just the savior in such cases. Here, some of the top free software’s are enlisted below for a quick knowledge about their features.

1. EaseUS: With its recovery feature that can work on various types such as deletion from PC or any external device, lost partition recovery, RAW recovery, importing or exporting of scan results, this software is one of the most popular choices. Also, the free upgrade and free technical support make it a leading one as free data recovery software.

2. Recuva: With both user-friendly and an apt in advanced features, this software is indeed one of the best available today. It works on all versions including iPod too. With its prompt recovery features from hard disks, all type of external devices, CD/BD/DVD discs and even memory cards, this can be tried in the first place depending on the location of your loss.

3. Puran File Recovery: With the ability to scan any data that Windows can see, it is very easy to use and can be done even by an amateur hand. Even this software is loaded with lots of features to deal with the advanced recovery mode. Yet, another feature that makes it a good choice is its ability to even recover lost partitions provided they’ve not been overwritten.

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4. Disk Drill: Claiming to recover data even up to 500 MB, this user-friendly recovery option has a very simple design and makes it a lot easier during the recovery phase. Apart from these, it helps you in generating a preview of image files. During the ongoing recovery, pause or resume them according to your convenience. Quick scan, performing partition recovery and saving scan results for easy import and recovering files at a later stage makes it completely different software.

5. Glary Undelete: The best thing is the ‘Folders’ view, which is similar to Windows Explorer type view of recoverable files, adds a distinction to this to this recovery module. While with its immense advantage of recovering files from even the USB or memory card, its prior installation before use, takes away the spark. Anyway, it is top notch software if the installation feature is not considered.

6. Pandora Recovery: With an iconic design and a wizard to help you recover the files, this is yet another effective recovery program. It supports literally anything that you can connect to your PC with. But in order to use it, you’ll need to install it on the hard drive, which becomes a problem in case of a corrupt hard disc. With its ability to undelete files and folders, the installation in hard drive takes it down the list.

All these data recovery software free are available on the internet and the ‘no cost’ feature makes the recovery process more convenient.

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