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Top 5 Travel Apps That Will Keep You Updated


Travel Apps: Who comes to seek a travel agent when you have these handy applications along with yourself? Travel agents would definitely help you fix your travel plans at ease, however, getting a travel agent and explaining your desires to the agent is somewhat a bit awkward, particularly when you succumb in the hustles of your busy life.

Top 5 Travel Apps That Will Keep You Updated

When you are traveling abroad, specifically in some unknown place, it is quite similar to that of preparing yourself for a battle. Just like you need to get down on the battlefield with your weapons, you need to consider having these applications in your computing devices that would keep you updated during the travel session. These apps would provide you information regarding the available hotels, flights and similar other bookings. When it comes to keeping yourself updated, the weather report is another essential aspect and WeatherBug is definitely the best android weather app in this prospect that will keep you alert about the changing weather all the while.

Here are some travel apps that will keep you updated:

  1. WeatherBug


This app has got the largest grade of a professional network that is known for producing hyper-local weather conditions in the real time. This app produces Spark lightning alerts and precipitation range with Doppler radar feature. It also keeps you updated with all the latest data regarding weather forecasts. It will not only offer you the weather forecast for that particular day but you can also catch up with the weather-to-be for the upcoming week. The accurate weather predictions of this app have made it popular among the users as people can rely on its predictions and plan their trips accordingly.

  1. Hopper

Hopper the best flight booking app

If you have been planning to travel by air, Hopper is certainly the best flight booking app for you. It will not only help you to book your flights but will also notify you regarding the prices. Hence, you can check out the prices and make the biggest savings using this app, consequently, the app will also let you know whether you should buy the deal or wait for a better option. It will also send you notification just as the price of the flight ticket drops so that you can plan the tour accordingly.

  1. Pack point

Pack point

If you are planning a trip, there are times, when you forget packing all the stuff along with you. Thus, you can have this app that works as a packing list for your trip. All you need to do is to mention the date of travel and the corresponding destination. Also, specify the duration of your stay along with other details such as the kinds of activities you have been planning since the app will plan your packing requisites according. Hence, you do not need to grant an additional burden on your head. Instead, you can tweak the list once and pack the necessary things accordingly.

  1. Rome2Rio

While you are planning across the globe, route planning is often considered as a complicated thing for you. This app wards off your complication and helps you know which bus to take and places where you would require changing the subway. This app displays train, ferry, bus, flight and other driving options along with their times of travel and fares at an instant.

  1. Circa

While you have set off for a travel, there are times when you miss checking out your watch. However, when you are traveling to various international locations, this app will help you keep track of the time of different locations at ease.

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