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Order a WordPress blog

If you need to develop a blog on WordPress, then you found what you were looking for. I provide services for developing a blog on any CMS that is convenient for you. But I recommend for the blog CMS WordPress, To date, many options for creating a blog, below I will describe a few pros and cons when developing a blog.

The blog will have all the functions necessary for the standard blog: Fresh records, records archives, rubrics, calendar. Also, your blog is optimized and added to the search engines, which speeds up the indexing of new posts.

Blog – (internet diary, event log) site on which are regularly added records (posts) containing text, image or video.

Creating a WordPress blog for a key

Blogs are personal and thematic. Almost all blogs have the same functionality. creating a blog is a fast process. When creating a blog, I take into account all of your additional wishes. I develop blogs on the most convenient and high-quality CMS for WordPress blogs, if you want, you can implement it on CMS Joomla or some other CMS.

Different options for creating a blog

There are two options for creating a blog, paid and free. But in each of the options, there are pluses and minuses.

Plus the first option  – the biggest plus is the lack of payment for the development of the blog, t to can be implemented on free platforms, which are sufficient on the Internet.

Minus the free option  – the lack of the opportunity to give your blog a uniqueness, from the domain name to design. Also, there is no possibility to add or change the functionality of the blog, on the free platforms the standard functionality for everyone. And as a blog, it is difficult to promote in search engines, since in the platforms there are no basic tools for SEO.

Plus the second option  – the uniqueness and usefulness of your blog, both in the domain name and in the design. In fact, this is the same as the site card but only imprisoned for certain needs. That is, you decide what functions should have and how to look. There is also the possibility to choose a domain and hosting for a blog. If you use the blog as an advertising platform, then you can make good money.

Less paid option  – payment for the development of the blog.

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