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How to Save Battery Life of Your Phone


Worried About Battery Life of Your Phone? See How to Save Battery Life of Your Phone

Regardless of the numerous smart services that android phone present, the most important feature apart from the internet service is the battery life. We are in a time when communication via smartphones is indispensable and priceless; no one can afford to be cut out of the world on the basis of the poor phone batteries.
I guess this is why there are lots of questions on various online platforms on how to save the battery life of android phones and other devices. If that is also the question on your mind, then this post is for you, I intend to give insight on tips you can use to extend the battery life of your android phone. The following are simple, practical tips to keep your phone on for a longer period:
#1: Turn Off Your Vibration
For every vibration whenever you get a notification or a call, there is a drain on the battery. The battery drain can be minimized by turning vibration off and adopt the sound option for your calls and notifications.
#2: Keep Your Phone Away from Heat
Without going techy on this, just as high temperatures are not good for you, it is not good as well for phone batteries. So keep them always under the shade, well-protected from the sun and heat to save the life of the android battery.

#3: Activate the Power Saving Mode
This is the strategy that I always employ to keep my battery functional, especially if my charger is far from my reach. I laud phone manufacturing companies for this special feature. If you are in doubt that your phone has this feature, simply scroll to the power management settings of your phone and you will surely find it there. Keep your android batteries operational, activate the power saving mode.
#4: Close All the Apps That Are Not in Use
This is one that most people are not aware of. Nothing drains an android battery as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data connection. There is no way you will use all the apps on your phone at the same time. So, if it is not in use, simply turn it off, at least for the sake of the battery. You can also monitor the effect of an app on your android battery by checking the battery graph on your phone and take steps to minimize the undue pressure on the battery.
#5: Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen

In as much you want your phone to be bright at all time, there is no need competing with the sun at the expense of your phone. Save the battery of your phone, reduce the brightness of the screen and watch it perform its functions with ease.

#6: Occasionally Restart Your Phone
To save your android battery life, it is important you reboot your phone once in a while. This gives it the opportunity to refresh, clear itself of the pressure of powering the
#7: Turn Off App Notifications
I guess turning apps off may not work for you as you have to receive messages and follow trends on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and What’s app. However, you can turn the notification from these apps off to save the battery of your phone. The more they keep popping up, the shorter the span of the battery. Though this may take time as you have to check the settings of each app, it is actually worth the time.

#8: Reduce Screen Timeout
Just in case, you are in the dark of what a screen timeout is, a screen timeout is the length of time your phone can stay awake when it is inactive. Once the time elapses the phone will hibernate. Interestingly, you can decide the length of your screen timeout for your android phone. It is advisable that the screen timeout remains short as possible for an extended battery life
#9: Avoid Overcharging Your Android Battery
This is very important even though it is neglected in many quarters. Charging your phone excessively and even when it is full eventually reduces the strength of the battery.
The battery of a phone is an essential part of the phone and deserves lots of attention, care to ensure you keep enjoying your android phone. The listed tips have been very instrumental in extending the life of my battery and I’m confident they will do same for you once you use them.

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