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How to take a beautiful selfie? Pocket Drone Camera Review


We live in a time when an ordinary person takes almost more photos on the front camera of the smartphone than on the main one. For many, selfies have become a religion, and for Instagram, they have become the main content. The other day we came across one device that should take selfies to a new level. Or should not? Let’s figure it out!


Words about the popularity of selfies are not in doubt, but they become even more relevant when you see how manufacturers are trying to keep the front-end in their new smartphones.

We saw holes in the screen, which are not so easy to make from a technological point of view. We see cameras leaving, both on OnePlus and Huawei, we enjoy original solutions from OPPO, we are surprised at dubious innovations from ASUS and we understand that without front-shots, nowhere. But how to make them really interesting?


  • 1How to take a selfie from the air
  • 2Drone App
  • 3Technical specifications
  • 4Cons of Airselfie2
  • 5Summary

How to take a selfie from the air

Smartphones make excellent “selfies”, only they can be maximum from you at a distance of an extended selfie stick. The device we are going to talk about today allows you to take selfies from a greater distance.

Airselfie2 weighs only 80 g and has dimensions of 98.5 × 71.2 × 13.6 mm. We can safely say that its dimensions are comparable to the dimensions of a small smartphone. Despite this, the gadget flies take high-quality pictures and can automatically find the subject.

Airselfie2 body made of aircraft aluminum. This allows him to be not only beautiful and light but also durable. In the event of a fall, there is, of course, a risk of damage, but thanks to the use of high-quality materials, it is minimized. Separately, it is worth noting the screws that are inside the case and will not be able to injure people around. This is a serious plus in the piggy bank security.

To create images, the miniature drone is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels. In addition to ordinary photos, it is capable of shooting video with a resolution of 1080p and a frequency of 30 frames per second.

For storing pictures and videos, 16 GB of internal memory is provided. Given that the drone does not fly like a DJI Phantom over a distance of several kilometers and is not a professional tool, the amount of internal memory will be more than enough to store the footage.

You can transfer the resulting pictures and photos through the application, which is responsible for managing the device.

Drone app

All basic operations with the drone are made through the Airselfie2 application, which is available for both iPhone and Android. It not only allows you to control its movement but makes it possible to turn on the automatic tracking mode. In this case, the drone determines the person’s face in the frame and begins to fly after it.

As soon as the face leaves the frame, the device turns in the direction where the subject went and does not hang helplessly in the air. As soon as the face is detected, he will again begin to follow him. The subtlety is that any face is enough for him. Even if one person leaves and then another is discovered, the camera will still “hook” on him.

The application interface is fully Russified. On the main screen, all the most important things will meet you. Namely, the choice of control mode and main sections.

There are three types of controls to choose from according to the difficulty level. In light and medium modes, you can control with one hand. To move, you will need to press the buttons corresponding to the direction of flight. True, in this mode the movement will be quite sharp since the buttons work on an on-off basis.

For smoother movement, there is a mode that allows you to fly like on a regular copter. Two sticks will be available that can guide the unit in all directions.

The second section will be a gallery where you can find and download footage on a smartphone.

Besides? The Academy section will be available where you can see short instructions on how to use Airselfie2. In the lower right corner is the settings button.

Technical characteristics of the copter

Airselfie2 can stay in the air for up to 5 minutes. Say that this is not so much? Maybe! But back to the purpose of the gadget. It is designed for short shoots, not for long-distance flights. Largely due to this, it has a small weight and compact size.

In order for the copter to stay in the air for the time set for it, it is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery. AirSelfie2 Power Edition provides a special case for transportation and charging. A fully charged case is enough for 15 full cycles of charging the copter. Full charge time is 30 minutes. You can charge from the outlet. Only a USB Type-C cable is required (for both the copter and the case)

Over long distances, it will not be possible to fly away also because the copter is controlled via Wi-Fi from a smartphone. Significant deterioration is possible at a considerable distance, which in turn can lead to loss of control, fraught with undesirable consequences. As a result, the restriction on height and the maximum distance are 20 meters. This is more than enough to make a beautiful photo from an unusual angle.

The maximum flight speed of Airselfie2 is 3 m / s. Therefore, you should not run it at higher wind speed and, especially, with a gusty wind. Despite the stabilization systems in space, including the altitude retention system, in strong winds, there is a risk of falling and damage to the copter.

Cons Airselfie2

Like it or not, even the coolest and most interesting gadget will have its drawbacks. As a rule, they follow from the pros. Partly it happened with Airselfie2.

The first drawback, which you immediately pay attention to, is the lack of a suspension to stabilize the camera. There is electronic stabilization, and it can absorb small vibrations, but only the external suspensions of large copters can cope with the sharp tilt of the copter when moving to the side.

The second drawback I would call a case for storage and charge in the version of AirSelfie2 Power Edition. It is very convenient due to its maximum integrity, but pulling a copter out of it in one motion will not work. We’ll have to remove it a bit, then intercept and pull it out completely.


Of course, AirSelfie2 can not be called a gadget for every day. Hardly anyone will run it every time he wants to take a picture. Nevertheless, it is perfect for shooting a large company when everyone does not fit in the frame. Or, for example, shooting yourself, when you want to take a picture of yourself against the background of something big, but there will be no one to ask “to stand behind the camera”.

AirSelfie2 fits in your pocket without exaggeration. You don’t even have to be afraid to damage it, since all the elements are safely hidden in the case, and in the case, there will be no difficulties at all.

The ideal AirSelfie2 option would be for those who thought about the quadrocopter, but do not want to buy a large and expensive device. The copter described in this article is a combination of a small aircraft and a good camera. It is this combination that makes it in some way a new generation gadget. No wonder the first generation of AirSelfie raised over $ 1.5 million on Kickstarter. Yes, and collected several awards. For example, Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2018.

In the end, you just add that the price of AirSelfie2 is 18,990 rubles for the regular version and 21,990 for the version with a charging case. If you compare with smartphones for the money, it is unlikely to find one that will shoot better. That’s just he can not fly. Although, it will be possible to call him … But this, as they say, is a completely different story.

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