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iPhone is now on your wrist. Apple unveils watchOS 10 with widgets and Snoopy watch face


At WWDC 2023, Apple showed a new version of the operating system for Apple Watch watchOS 10 . For several years now, Cupertino has been systematically increasing the size of the screens of their smart watches, but at the same time, the interface and system capabilities remain practically unchanged. The dials simply adjusted to the increased diagonal of the display, but in principle everything remained the same as before. In watchOS 10, the appearance of the operating system has become much fresher. Now widgets have appeared in it and the main applications have been almost completely redesigned.

To some extent, the Apple Watch interface will even resemble an iPhone. That’s just a pity that Apple has not gotten rid of the application menu in the form of a cloud. It is very difficult to get into some icons with your finger. In this article, we look at what else will be new in watchOS 10 and how it will be possible to upgrade to it.

What’s new in watchOS 10

The most important innovation in watchOS 10 is support for widgets. That’s just Apple implemented this moment in a very original way. For this, a separate menu is used, which you can access by simply turning the Digital Crown . That is, the widgets themselves do not overlap the dial. And this is very cool, because many people use watchfaces with photos of relatives and friends. Therefore, you can place only the most important widgets there and get quick access to them.

And, of course, the watchOS update could not do without new watch faces. There are a huge number of new colors for existing watchfaces and an additional dial with Snoopy . Very funny. I think that it will take no less screens than Mickey Mouse.

For lovers of cycling, a special mode has been added to the Workouts application . Now there is support for external sensors that connect via Bluetooth and allow you to more accurately determine the heart rate zones. Well, for greater convenience, it became possible to display training data in Live Activities mode on the iPhone screen .

Health Tracking on Apple Watch

Naturally, speaking about the Apple Watch and watchOS 10, the Cupertino company could not ignore the issue of health. On the clock, it will be possible to keep an analogue of a diary in which your mood will be recorded. In the future, this data can be shared with anyone.

Very relevant for those who regularly visit a psychologist and who need to regularly make appropriate records. In the case of the Apple Watch, all this can be done literally from the wrist and without the need to use third-party software.

Which Apple Watch will be updated to watchOS 10

Have you appreciated all the innovations? Surely now you are most interested in which Apple Watch models will receive the update . And the list here is more than impressive:

  • Apple Watch Series 4;
  • Apple Watch Series 5;
  • Apple Watch Series 6;
  • Apple Watch Series 7;
  • Apple Watch Series 8;
  • Apple Watch Ultra ;
  • Apple Watch SE 1st generation;
  • Apple Watch SE 2nd generation.

That is, all the same models that received an update last year. So don’t rush to throw your old Apple Watch Series 4 in the trash can. They will still live for at least a year before the next update.

When will watchOS 10 be released?

The first beta of watchOS 10 is available to developers today. And if last year we could still install a fresh operating system simply by installing the appropriate certificate on the iPhone, then this year Apple has significantly complicated the procedure for installing developer beta versions . If you have a regular account, then you will not be able to do this and you will have to wait for the public beta, which usually comes out around the beginning of July. But anyone can install it. This is done as follows:

  • Open the Watch app and select your watch;
  • Go to the “Software Update” section;
  • Select “Beta Versions” and check Public Beta.

After the release of a new firmware version, an appropriate notification will be sent to the iPhone and you will be able to install watchOS 10 on your watch. We note right away that we sincerely do not recommend installing beta firmware versions on the Apple Watch, since in case of some glitches you will not be able to roll back. But if you still decide to update, then be sure to create a backup copy to save the data. The watchOS 10 version for everyone will traditionally be released in September along with new iPhones. So it’s better to wait for her. What’s more, it didn’t last long. Summer usually goes by very quickly.

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