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10 iPhone Accessories You’ll Definitely Buy


After Apple removed the power supply from the iPhone, accessories manufacturers began to live a new happy life. After all, not all users are willing to pay for the original charging, and if you offer an inexpensive alternative, then you can break a good jackpot on this. But accessories for the iPhone are not limited to charging only. Remember how long ago you saw an Apple smartphone without a protective case and glass? Most likely, only your own, and then immediately after purchase. And then immediately dressed him in full protection. But if you look at the prices of some accessories in retail, you can cheer up a lot. Therefore, especially for you, we have collected ten iPhone accessories that you will definitely want to buy.

Car phone charger

If you travel a lot around the city by car with the navigator turned on, then the iPhone battery can run out very quickly. For such cases, you can use this universal car charger . Not only can you charge something directly from the power supply, but there is also a remote unit with additional connectors. With this set of ports, you can charge not only a smartphone, but also a tablet with a laptop. An excellent universal solution for any car.

External battery 10,000 mAh

And for those who do not have a car and have to move with the help of their two, I would advise you to look at such a compact, but at the same time capacious 10,000 mAh external battery from the well-known manufacturer of accessories KUULAA. With such a battery, you can fully charge even the iPhone 14 Pro Max twice and can still be left on the headphones. And most importantly, unlike 20,000 mAh batteries, this model is relatively compact and will not take up much space in the bag.

Protective glass for iPhone

No matter how cool the glass covers the iPhone screen, scratches on it still appear very quickly. In such a situation, it is better to buy a special protective glassto keep the display in its original form. Such a set of two glasses at once will cost you less than 500 rubles, but it will save you from many problems with the smartphone screen.

Car phone holder

Personally, I really like the magnetic holders in the car . That’s just the reliability of fastening with our roads raises many questions. Agree that it is very unpleasant to run into a bump and then catch the iPhone on the floor. But such a universal holder closes under the weight of the smartphone and fixes it with special brackets. Thanks to this mount, the iPhone will definitely not fly to the floor even on the most uneven road.

MagSafe Charging for iPhone

If you have long wanted to try branded MagSafe charging for iPhone , then we have found an excellent analogue specially for you from the well-known manufacturer of accessories Baseus . It costs less than the original, but in terms of its capabilities it is in no way inferior. You can even choose the black version if you don’t like white chargers.

Charging for iPhone

Those who use not only the iPhone, but also the iPad and MacBook, know exactly how much space the charges take up for each of these devices. And okay, if you just need to take them with you. Sometimes you can’t find so many sockets in one place to charge them. Therefore, it is worth ordering such a powerful Baseus charger . It allows you to charge the entire fleet of your devices at once and takes only one outlet. It even comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable , which will become relevant with the release of the iPhone 15.

iPhone silicone case

When I used an iPhone, I always put a branded silicone case on it . Looks stylish and protects well. That’s just the quality of the original products are not far gone from the replicas. So there is no point in paying more. Just order this silicone case and use it to your heart’s content. Moreover, for the cost of the original, you can order ten replicas of different colors and change them according to your mood.

Alarm clock with wireless charging

All modern iPhones support wireless charging . So, if you are used to putting your smartphone on charge at night, then it’s a sin not to use such a convenient function. Here is such an alarm clock with built-in QI-charging that will not only be able to replenish the battery of your iPhone, but also gently wake you up with the help of imitation of dawn.

fast charging for iphone

And for those who do not need powerful chargers for several gadgets, we can recommend this Essager power supply . It puts out a maximum of 33 watts and can charge an iPhone at the maximum speed it can support. If you do not need to charge your smartphone, tablet and laptop at the same time, then this will be a great solution at a very nice price. Clearly cheaper than the original charger from Apple .

iPhone charging cable

I know that many people prefer to buy only original cables for iPhone in the hope that this will affect the charging speed for the better and will not affect battery wear. But you can save a little and buy just a certified wire from Ugreen. By the way, it supports fast charging, so you will not experience any problems with it. You can even choose the option in a fabric braid and different lengths from 0.25 to 2 meters.

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