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Simple Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Charge Faster


Hello, tech enthusiasts!
Today’s post is something; you will surely love, except if you don’t use an android phone – even if you don’t, I’m sure your loved ones do. The post is about how to make your Android phone charge faster.

One of most frustrating thing I have experienced as an Android phone user is that I always need to regularly charge my phone, and I know that am not the only one going through this bad ordeal. Sometimes in a bid to ensure that my phone does not go off, I move around with phone charger or my power bank.
I have observed that regardless of the amazing utilities that android phones provide, you get to charge them often, as they charge slowly. As one who loves to derive benefits from his phone, this has triggered me to research on how to increase the charging speed of my mind. The following are some tips to make your android phone charge faster:

#1: Close All Apps Not in Use
Some Android phone apps not in use could be draining power while you are charging, thereby delaying the charging process. Therefore, to curb this effect, before you charge your phone, close all apps that are not in use to help your Android device charge faster.

#2: Activate Airplane Mode

Nothing drains the battery life of your phone than the network signal. Interestingly, the poorer the network signal on your phone the longer time it will take to charge your phone. I guess you are already asking what’s the way out? The answer is just short and simple: Activate the airplane mode on your phone. Once this is done, you will slash its full charging time by at least 25%.
Activating the airplane mode in your devices is very easy, simply move to the notification bar and tap the airplane icon there. Since differences exist depending on the brand of the phone, another way to activate the airplane is by holding the power button for some seconds and tap the airplane icon that appears. It is important that you don’t forget to deactivate the airplane mode once you are done charging anyway.

#3: Enable the Charging Mode
Yes, this is necessary when you use a PC to charge your phone. Immediately, the PC recognizes the device, an array of options pops up on the screen of the phone which could include; Charge only, Media sharing and many others depending on the phone. When this happens, all you need do is to select the charge only option, this increases the charging speed of the android phone. However, for some android phones, this option is hidden, you have to go through the settings and select the USB configuration, it could be a long process but it’s worth the stress.

#4: Use A Wall Socket

No doubts, it makes a whole lot of sense charging your phone with your PC or the mobile port in your car, but the truth is that these charging ports have sub-optimal amperage for your phone to charge properly and faster. Don’t get me wrong, charging with these non- wall sockets won’t harm your android device, but it drags the process. For a faster charge, plug your phone directly to the wall socket and enjoy a sufficient charging experience.

#5: Ensure Your Cable Is of High Quality
There are no two ways about this, the quality of charging cable affects the speed at which your Android device charges. Yes, the quality of the cable determines the amount of amperes that can pass through it. Usually, it takes 2Amp to charge your phone quickly; a standard 28- gauge cable which is compatible with your Android device is all you need.

#6: Turn Off Your Phone

Although ignored by many, as most people can’t just stay away from their phones even when it is charging. This is one of the best ways of charging your phone very fast because when it is off, there is no activity, and nothing drains the battery.

#7: Sidestep Wireless Charging
Hmmm! Am I serious? Absolutely. I know wireless charging comes with the benefits of fewer chargers and even more, but trust me, if charging speed is what you really need, then wireless charging is not for you. I have no issues with wireless chargers but the fact is they are slow, approximately 50% slower than wired chargers. Let me tell you why, transferring electrical energy via wires is more effective than simple contact, also wireless charging wastes energy which amounts to heat. So, if you are really serious about charging your phones faster stay with good wired chargers.

#8: Activate the Ultra Power Saving Mode
This is the best mode to activate while charging your phone and it is available on almost all android phones. It can be used instead of cutting yourself from all forms of communication when you turn your phone off or activate the airplane mode. You stay active; receive calls as you charge your Android phone at a faster rate with the Ultra power mode.
Now, that you have all the tips you need, save the time, save the stress, apply them and enjoy using your Android devices.

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