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What Microsoft denounced Apple for


Despite the fact that the concept of mobile applications was not invented by Apple, thanks to the App Store, they are largely associated with it. Because before it, no one had sold software on such a scale, although application stores seemed to be asking for themselves, given that the applications themselves existed under Windows Mobile, and under Symbian, and even under Bada. The organizational talent of Steve Jobs, who managed to competently unite talented developers and convince users that buying software for mobile devices is as normal as refueling a car to keep it moving, had an effect. But it seems that the heyday of the App Store is coming to an end.

Recently, more and more developers have accused Apple of monopoly control of the market for mobile applications for iOS. It’s not that they want to list their software on some other app store than the App Store, they’re just not happy with the fees that Apple charges. For most of them, the 30 percent fee is too much, given that development studios already have something to spend on. They pay for the labor of artists, programmers, data centers, rental of premises, utilities, etc. Many of them cannot withstand such a financial burden and go bankrupt in the first year.

But if earlier only small studios or private developers criticized Apple publicly, now there are much more of those who express their dissatisfaction. Among them are Spotify , Telegram and even – it’s scary to think – Microsoft. Microsoft President Brad Smith voluntarily attended a hearing in the US Congress and testified against Apple. This is an unprecedented case for the industry, when large corporations do not just sue on private issues, but act on opposite sides of the barricades on key issues for the development of the industry.

Microsoft vs. Apple

Smith expressed concern about the situation in the mobile software market, and said that Apple is literally robbing developers, demanding them to pay her contributions in a fixed amount. Worst of all, the company effectively deprives developers of an alternative by preventing the emergence of independent application directories that could change the situation. This gives her the right to independently make decisions about what to post in the App Store and what not, what requirements to apply to the software, and, of course, set the size of the commission.

What Apple is scolded for

In fact, Smith has spoken on this score before, but very, very carefully, preferring to smooth out the corners. Then he only supported independent developers in their desire to achieve a reduction in commissions, but did not name specific names. That is, even though it was clear from his words that he was addressing his criticism of Apple, uninitiated people could get the impression that he was criticizing the very situation that developed in the mobile software market. Now, however, Smith has apparently mustered up the courage to speak out strongly against Apple, denouncing its policies.

Obviously Apple is in serious trouble as the number of people opposing App Store rules is constantly increasing. Here are just the main participants in the protests:

  • Microsoft
  • Rakuten
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Telegram
  • Epic Games
  • Google
  • Basecamp
  • Match Group


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