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Why Google is now ready to launch a premium phone


The Pixel series started with a very good idea for the best Android smartphone in the world. However, the journey from Pixel 1 to Pixel 5 was far from the smoothest. Each of the first four generations of Pixel flagships has been marred by some miscalculations in design, construction, or function. You don’t have to go far for examples. This is the lackluster display of the Pixel 2 XL, the terrible design in the third generation, and the disgusting battery life of the Pixel 4. The development and distribution of smartphones in this line has always been something to hold back. But then the Pixel 5 came along with a redesigned philosophy and a rejection of the pretense of superiority. And now we are waiting for the Pixel 6, which, apparently, is ready to take the top again. Now is the best time for that. And that’s why.

Why is the Pixel 5 so

The Pixel 5 was a departure from the norm, but it remained competitive in its price point. Despite its less powerful processor, the Pixel 5 is the best Pixel so far, but it’s not the true flagship that many enthusiasts have hoped for. There are many contradictions in it. For example, it has excellent battery life, but the camera is three years old (although it shoots well).

And since Google, as we all thought, ditched traditional flagship phones in 2020, many of us wondered where the Pixel brand will go next. Almost everyone thought that the smartphone would remain in the middle price segment. Like, it didn’t work out, well, and we will not try again.

The nicest Google Pixel phone

In fact, it seems that the opposite is true. With the Pixel 6 series in general and the Pixel 6 Pro in particular, high-end pixels are back. And if the first details Google revealed are close to what we’ll see in the end, these phones are likely to make the first five generations of Pixel boring test launches.

It makes no sense to talk in detail about this smartphone, since we have already done this, talking about it and its processor. Let me just remind you that the company, apparently, has found a good partner for the release of a new device – Samsung.

What will be the Google Pixel 6

In addition to the fact that the novelty itself will be quite productive – about the level of smartphones with Snapdragon 888 – it will still receive great opportunities for working with artificial intelligence. This will be possible thanks to the features of its own processor. Simply put, other Android phones won’t have this advantage. Huawei could argue with that, but where is it now …

This makes the Pixel 6 even more premium than it might initially appear. In addition to the fact that many calculations will now be done locally, the phone will be able to get new functions. And with a more compact CPU cluster, it can do so with greater power savings compared to the high-performance Snapdragon.

Google Pixel 6 camera

Naturally, the improvements in the processor could not but affect the image processing. This has always been a strong point of Google, but now it can get even better. And the add-ons in the Pixel 6 Pro will take your photography to the next level.

It can even be assumed that the new bundle of its own processor and Android will allow smartphones to receive updates for more than the four years promised by Samsung. With caution, we can assume that the updates will be able to compete with the iPhone, which receives new versions of iOS for 6, and sometimes 7 years.

Not enough for premium? Let’s add some design here? I agree that the Pixel 6 looks a little unusual, but it feels like they tried to make it expensive. One thing is for sure – against the background of what happened, the bold experiment clearly succeeded.

What’s more, the new stretched module accommodates much larger cameras than the traditional square module layout. This will have an extremely positive effect on the quality of the images, and at the same time it shows that the company has finally decided to change something since the Pixel 2 XL . It certainly didn’t have a 4x super telephoto lens, but here it will be in the Pro model.

Even video will handle much better. This will help the processor, which, according to the head of the Google hardware Rick Osterloch in an interview with The Verge, processes in real time HDR + for 4K video, as for a static image. This, too, cannot be afforded by other smartphones.

Pixel has always been at the forefront of computational photography, but software processing alone is no longer possible, and now it’s time to equip your smartphone with a truly premium camera


The best Android phone

The new Google Pixel, as it were, corrects the mistakes of the previous generation, which accidentally “turned” into the middle segment. [/ Caption]

Google’s true flagship phone is what Android geeks have been craving for since the days of the Nexus. And with the Pixel 6 Pro, this elusive combination of Pure Android, fast updates, top-of-the-line specs, and an industry-leading camera could finally be a reality.


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