iPhone transfer: Best Way on How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

iPhone transfer: We regularly switch our cell phones so as to keep ourselves redesigned and to stay side by side of the most recent innovations. But one of the main issue while switching a cell phone is data transfer and to solve this issue, Wondershare introduced a perfect software known as MobileTrans Phone transfer.


Pros of using MobileTrans for mobile data transfer:

I will present few benefits of MobileTrans which will decide in you in making a purchase decision.

  1. You don’t need any tech knowledge to use this software. It is easy and simple to use for any individual who knows how to use a computer.
  2. It can move your data between different kinds of devices like iOS to Android, Android to Android, Android to iOS and iOS to i
  3. It transfers several types of files such as text messages, photos, movies, apps and many more.
  4. It is supported by almost all the devices. It works impeccably with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola etc.
  5. It is reliable and secure when it comes to your data. You are the only one who accesses the data.
  6. One added advantage is that it can create a backup of your data on a third device.
  7. It is time efficient and only takes 30 minutes to finish this process.
  8. It has a trial version which enables you to test it before making a purchase.
  9. It has a huge number of satisfied customers which gives you a hint about its user experience.

Method 1: Transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone

MobileTrans phone transfer is an effective software through which we can complete this process. This method includes three steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Run the Wondershare MobileTrans and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”

First of all, install the Wondershare on your computer and then connect your old iPhone and the new iPhone with your computer through your two USB cables. Run the program after connecting your iPhones to the computer and you will see the primary window. In the main window, you will see the feature “phone to phone transfer.” Click it and you will see the window as below.

Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 2: Select transfer contents

You can transfer photos, music, video, calendar, messages and contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone using this software. In this step, select the content you want to transfer from one iPhone to another.


Step 3: Start the data transfer

After selecting the contents to transfer, start the process by clicking “start Transfer.” You can check the progress when the files are being transferred. Once the process completes, you can enjoy your new iPhone.


Method 2: Move data from old iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes

Step 1: First of all, you need to have the latest version of iTunes. Launch it.

Step 2: Use your Apple data cable to connect your old iPhone to your computer. Once you connect it, your computer will show devices.

Step 3: Click your old iPhone’s name to open its control panel. Click “back up now” to backup data on your old iPhone.


Step 4: When you are done with a backup of your old iPhone then disconnect it and connect your new iPhone.

Step 5: In your new iPhone control panel, click restore back up. Now, choose your old phone’s backup and restore it in your new iPhone.

Method 3: Transfer data via iCloud

If you have set up your new iPhone 6s (Plus)/6 (Plus) before, you need to tap Setting > General > Reset > Erase All content and Setting. Then, restart and recover the iPhone (iOS 9 supported). After that, follow the steps below.

There are seven steps involved in this process which are as follows:

Step 1: Connect your old iPhone to Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > turn on iCloud Backup > OK > Back up Now.

Step 3: Now, enter the password of your Apple id and click “back up now.”

Step 4: Now wait until the backup process finishes. Don’t forget to ensure the exact time you made the backup.

Step 5: On your new iPhone, follow the instructions to finish the setup. Select one language, country and whether you want location services to be enabled or not.

Step 6: Before clicking set up iPhone, you must tap restore from iCloud backup and select the backup file of your old phone. Don’t forget the Apple id you just used now.

Step 7: When the restoring process completes, your new iPhone will restart.

So these are three methods by which you can transfer your data from one iPhone to another. I hope it would help you. Let me know if it were helpful. See also, best way on how to transfer iPhone data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

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