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Google Lens Service Is Available On All Android Smartphones


A promising technology Google Lens, previously available exclusively on the “Google” Pixel, can take advantage of all the owners of Android-devices from today. According to the company on Twitter, the tool was included as a function of the Google Photos and Assistant applications.

Google Lens

Google Lens “rolls out” gradually. The smartphone should have the latest versions of Google programs installed. “Soon,” said representatives of the search engine, the technology will come to iOS devices.

The technology of photo processing by machine learning was presented last May at the Google I / O conference. It uses computer vision algorithms to identify objects caught in the camera lens and provides information about them – you can even consider it as an artificial “Google Eye”.

Applications of the mass: from the definition of unfamiliar plants and view reviews of the restaurant by its signboard before automatically connecting to Wi-Fi after installing a new router. In the latter case, the camera needs to be sent to a sticker with the network name and the default password located on the router.

By analogy, by pointing the smartphone camera to the signboard, the user will be able to get all the necessary information about the institution (working hours, menu, reviews), or by photographing an architectural monument, learn more about a particular landmark.

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