Google Introduced System For “Understanding” Google Lens Images

Let Us Understand What is Google Lens?

Google introduced the Google Lens system, which allows the Android device to “understand” what is in the image. The presentation took place during the Google I/O conference.

Lens will first become part of Google Assistant’s “smart” assistant and Google Photos service, and then be integrated into other products of the company.

The user will be able to point the camera at the object of interest and get data about it, said the head of Google Sundar Pichai. The head of the company did not disclose the release date of the new service.

In Simple Words just point the camera at the object and Google Lens will indicate what it is. This applies to a variety of objects, store signs and so on. And in some cases, artificial intelligence software allows you to determine not only what a particular object represents, but also its class, form, model.

Moreover, if you point the camera from the software to the data of a particular Wi-Fi network, including the password, it not only recognizes this data but also automatically connects the device to this network.

Google Lens Scan

Lens can “read” the name and password for accessing the network from the stickers on the router

Another example, the user will be able to find out information about the institution by pointing the camera at the signboard. In this case, Google will also use geolocation data to understand about which institution the user is located.

Google Lens: The camera takes the input, Google Provides the info

Google Lens Search

For several years, Google has been working on technologies for recognizing objects in images. For example, in July 2016, they announced the acquisition of the Parisian company Moodstocks, which developed technologies for image recognition on a smartphone, and in 2017 introduced an algorithm for “improving” images on several pixels.

Similar services were shown to us many years ago. Even in Google itself, in 2010 came the Google Goggles application, but really working software that could really be used in everyday life, just walking down the street, was not there.

Perhaps Google Lens will be the first. The application should anytime in this year.

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