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Samsung Galaxy S9 First Impressions Of The New Galaxy


Most recently in Barcelona, the official presentation of the new flagship Samsung has ended. And although the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were known literally all long before the announcement, we could not miss the opportunity to become familiar with the novelties “live”. The editorial board of TechOverall reviewed smartphones and left the first impression of the ninth “galaxy”.

Galaxy S9 Plus & Galaxy S9

If you were holding last year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, then you know what the novelties are. Outwardly, they almost did not change. But even after a year, the design leaves a pleasant impression – still surprised by the thin frames around the screen. The usual Galaxy S9 with a 5.8-inch display feels very compact, but the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 Plus with one hand is already difficult.

Back View of Samsung Galaxy S9

Looking at the back of the devices, you immediately understand that Koreans still listen to the user’s opinion. In the ninth generation, the fingerprint scanner was placed in the right place – under the main camera. Now, when you take a smartphone in your hand, the index finger immediately falls on it – definitely a convenient solution. If the fingerprint on the back is not to your liking, then as an alternative, Samsung still offers an unlock with the iris scanner and face recognition. We have not been allowed to personally test these methods, but judging by the demonstration by the company representatives, they work much better and faster than in the previous generation.


Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Case Style

The case of smartphones is still a combination of a metal frame and tempered glass front and rear. Gadgets look spectacular and pleasantly felt in the hand, especially at the expense of curved edges, but such a solution is impractical. The back cover is instantly covered with fingerprints, and the smartphone itself is incredibly slippery and constantly strives to fall out of the hand. Therefore, if you want the device as long as possible to preserve its presentation, we strongly recommend that you immediately get a protective cover. By the way, Samsung offers a wide range of accessories, including various bumpers and book covers with the ability to display useful information from the screen. Especially pleasant impressions left the fabric covers.

Galaxy S9 Camera:

Talking about the flagships of Samsung, you can not fail to mention the camera. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have a brand new 12-megapixel SuperSpeed Dual Pixel sensor with optical image stabilization. Samsung was the first in the world to realize a lens with a replaceable diaphragm in the smartphone. It can switch between f / 1.5 for shooting in low light conditions and f / 2.4 for shooting in the daytime. It is possible to record video in the slow-mo mode with a frequency of 960 frames per second:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Animated Emoticons

An interesting feature of the new smartphones was animated emoticons. With its help, you can take a picture of yourself and get the output of a cartoon 3D-character created by a neural network. Then you can customize it, changing, for example, your hair, recording video and forwarding to friends. Thus, you are no longer limited to standard emoticons, or you can create your own. Let’s be honest, this function is extremely entertaining, and in it, one can definitely “get stuck” for a while.

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Galaxy S9 Processor & Speed

According to the speed of work for the new Samsung flagships, there are traditionally no complaints. Eight-core processor Exynos 9 9810 or Snapdragon 845 (depending on the market) copes with all the basic tasks with lightning speed.

During a brief acquaintance with the gadgets, we did not notice any slowdowns or lags. However, you will need to see how they will show themselves after several months of use.

In addition to moving to the right place the scanner fingerprints, Samsung also can and should be praised for the fact that, contrary to the general trend. The company has not yet refused the 3.5-mm audio connector for connecting headphones. It is still located on the lower end near the USB Type-C connector.

Also, the manufacturer listened to the requests of users and equipped the novelties with stereo speakers. According to the representatives of the company, they were tuned by AKG engineers. We were not able to fully appreciate the sound quality in a rather loud atmosphere, so we’ll postpone it until we have a full review.

Especially we liked the translation of the text in real time. It is enough to point the camera of the smartphone to the signboard with an unknown language – as the screen immediately displays the translation.

All this works on the basis of neural networks and machine learning, so the quality and speed of translation should improve with time.


Summarizing the first acquaintance with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, we can say with confidence that Samsung is going the right way. In new smartphones fixed a number of shortcomings of last year’s models and added a number of useful options. It is especially interesting to get acquainted with the camera with a replaceable diaphragm.

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