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10 Best Lightweight Android Games


If you have an android phone and you are a game freak, then you will find this post very useful. Yes, because I will be talking about lightweight Android games you can enjoy right from your android phones. I guess you must have come across a few of such games while you may not even know it.
Well, just as the name implies, lightweight games are games that are not heavy in size, they are usually below 50MB. These games are not only interesting, they are also very light in weight that they won’t weigh down the memory of your device. Even if you have a phone with limited memory space, you can still enjoy the games and create a fun environment for yourself. Here is a list of 10 lightweight android games you can enjoy on your phone without harming the memory of such phone.

#1: Sniper X with Jason Statham

Named after the action actor, Jason Statham, this is for lovers of shooting games but small memory space has denied them of what they like. If you are one of them, you need to check this out. This game is really exceptional when compared with other games.
#2: Dr. Driving

This is a car racing game, absolutely amazing with great graphics and it is just 9.9MB. So test your driving abilities as you drive at top speed, evading cars, trees and other obstacles. Try it out and thank me later.
#3: Major Mayhem

This is the second shooting game on the list. It has great features, ranging from different levels to different stories as well as different guns. It is equally low in size. Check them out on play store and take your game time to another level.
#4: 3D Chess Game

If you are looking for what to keep your brains active, then this game is for you. It is just the electronic version of the popular board game of chess. Though they are many of its kind on play store, this, actually stand out and it occupies little or no space on your Android device.
#5: Subway Surfers

There is no way I could exclude this game out of the list of the best lightweight Android games. Subway surfers is very popular, maybe because of its size. It is one of the most played games on the Android platform. It is an arcade games that entails you keep running as fast as you can, dodge trains and so on. If you are a fun lover then this game is for you.
#6: Asphalt Nitro

If you love fast cars like me, then you will surely love this game. The game gives the opportunity to virtually drive the world’s best fast cars from the Ferraris, Lamborghini in various enthralling locations. Get on the control and be the first to cross the line.
#7: Temple Run 2

This is a fabulous endless running game where running becomes great fun. You only get to hop and jump when there are obstacles before you. In this game the more you run and dodge stuff, the more you earn points that gives you more powers and improves your character. It is free on the Google play store and less than 50MB
#8: Cut the Rope 2

With great tendency to be addictive, Cut the Rope 2 is a game to have on your Android device to break boredom. It is known for its stunning graphics and its engaging nature. It is free and very lightweight that you don’t have to delete any app to have it on your phone.
#9: NinJump

Just as the name suggest, in this game, you just have to jump as high as you can, avoiding nasty elements in the form of winged animals, enemy ninjas, squirrels, tossing stars and others. Great game, you really need to check it out.
#10: Break the Prison

I guess what came to your mind is the popular Prison Break TV series; well you have got to find out yourself. It has 40 different levels with progressive challenges which increase the character’s chances of escaping from jail. It is great game, and worthy of being on our list.
That’s it, guys! Great games you have up there. You can try them out any time and take having fun with your Android device to another level.

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