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What problems and innovations have appeared in beta iOS 12


Yesterday, Apple released the second build of iOS 12 for developers. In addition to correcting obvious errors, as well as improving stability, the update includes a number of new features.

What else has changed?

  • The activity and battery levels were redrawn.
  • Now you can view your activity on a certain device or all at once.
  • Autofill passwords with the “Keychain” now happens a little differently.

    • When the content is unblocked via Face ID, the corresponding inscription is now displayed.
    • In the “Photos” section, small visual changes, as well as improved search by photos.

IOS 12 Issues

  • Weather widget does not work.
  • CarPlay has problems connecting to certain cars.
  • FaceTime group calls still do not work
  • Voice memos are not synced between devices.
  • Application of third-party developers, such as Netflix and Twitter, may become unstable.

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