5 Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Users to Run Faster

Galaxy S5 is now challenging HTC ONE(m8) for flagship title.As of now Xperia Z2 is not yet launched into the market S5 is going good compared to that of HTC ONE (M8). So here’s a few tips for your Galaxy S5 to make sure you’ve got it running at peak performance in the face of some stiff competition.

Tips for mobile speed

1. Switch to view List in Settings

The first thing you need to do is to switch this icon view to the still-long but much better list view.

2. Usage of Samsung Toolbar

Samsung provides multitasking toolbar. Toolbox, is great. Toolbox gives you quick access to your favorite apps from any screen and is a nifty little feature that everyone should be using. Just head into settings and turn Toolbox on, then drag the little triple dot bubble around to keep it out of your way, or tap it to open your favorite shortcuts.

3. Make use of all the free-subscription offers

Samsung has teamed up with multiple partners to give S5 users the most comprehensive free subscription package we’ve ever seen on a mobile device. You’ll need to setup a Samsung account if you haven’t done so already as these offers will come in the form on Samsung apps.

To access the services swipe across the home screens until you see the “Galaxy Gifts” tab and click on this. You can then choose to download all apps or select specific ones.

Samsung offers a variety of apps from cloud storage to third-party health tracking services and newspapers subscriptions. Below is a full list of services which will be available to UK S5 users.

4. Use Download Booster

One of the unique features of the S5 is the Download Booster. This combines the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity to increase download speeds when you get a file over 30MB in size.This function is great when you’re in a rush to download large files like movies or TV shows. We were able to pull down a 2GB HD copy of Avengers Assemble in just over five minutes from the Play Store and it used up four per cent of battery power.

5. Set your Finger Scanner Properly

S5 is released with finger scanner which actually does work relatively well if you just know how to set it up properly. What you need to do when you register your prints is to hold the phone exactly as you would when you unlock it, so you swipe your thumb down sideways over the home button. This means the print the device registers is actually the one you’ll be using to unlock it and not some awkward version that requires two-handed unlocking.

If you have any problems or any special hidden tips and secrets to be shared about Samsung Galaxy S5, do comment below.

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