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iPad Pro 2018: is it worth buying in 2021


Despite the fact that the iPad is no longer as popular as it used to be, and is considered more of a niche device, for a certain circle of users this is exactly the tool that is simply impossible to do without. By the way, I myself am one of them, and therefore I regularly update the iPad to a new model, although I do it noticeably less often than in the case of the iPhone. I just like the ability to surf in a browser on a big screen, watch a movie or video when I don’t want to turn on the TV, or, at worst, work if there is no way to open a laptop. But which tablet should you buy?

A few days before the onset of the new year, I noticed that the iPad Pro 2018 with a hefty discount appeared in the section with purchases on Yandex. Market – the same one that was previously called the marketplace “I take!”. It was a basic modification with 64 GB of memory, but with LTE support. The usual price of this version is 70-73 thousand rubles, but for 58, which was asked on the Market, it seemed to me that this is an excellent offer. Perhaps even better than the iPad Air 4, which costs 55. But there are those who would disagree with me. Therefore, we figure out what is really better.

How iPad Pro 2018 differs from iPad Air 4

The first thing I would notice about the 2018 iPad Pro is the 120Hz display, which the iPad Air 4 lacks. Air has a similar sampling rate, but it’s not the same. The sampling rate is responsible for the speed at which the screen recognizes the user’s touch, and the refresh rate is for how quickly it refreshes, and the higher this figure, the smoother the animation will be.

The second advantage of the iPad Pro 2018 over the iPad Air 4, in my opinion, is the support for facial recognition. I don’t know about you, and although I preferred Touch ID for a long time, I gradually got used to Face ID and now I don’t want to use anything else. In the case of the iPad Pro, Face ID works great, even better than on the iPhone, because it recognizes a face in either landscape or portrait orientation without any problems.

Which processor is better: A12X or A14

The third plus of the iPad Pro is the promising A12X processor, which is actually the same A12Z, only with the graphics core disabled. It’s just that Apple made a chip so powerful and advanced in terms of performance in 2018 that it even had to disable one core, since its potential was enough to continue using it even in 2020.

Well, and as the fourth advantage of the iPad Pro, I will probably single out a few smaller chips: a camera with optical stabilization, support for the new generation Apple Pencil, built-in flash, thanks to which you can take bright photos in low light conditions, as many as four speakers that form the effect stereo sound, and, albeit slightly, but a larger display with a slightly higher resolution – 11 inches versus 10.9 and 265 ppi versus 264.

Why iPad Air 4 is better than iPad Pro 2018

In my opinion, all these features make the iPad Pro 2018 a more preferable option than the iPad Air 4. But only on one condition – if the price of the “proshka” does not exceed 60 thousand rubles. If you meet her for 70 or more, then, perhaps, there is no particular point in overpaying, and it will be more profitable to take the iPad Air and not get worn out. It’s a great tablet that has a great screen, a high level of performance, and a very conveniently located Touch ID scanner housed in the power button.

But does the iPad Air 4 really have no clear advantages over the iPad Pro 2018? Well, actually there is. At least one thing is certain. Taking into account the novelty of the “air” tablet, which came out two years later than the professional model of 2018, it is obvious that the first one will be updated for at least a whole year, or even two longer. For many, this can be a significant advantage, as tablets are usually changed either after support expires or shortly before.

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