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How to search for songs on iOS simply by chanting without words


Despite the fact that Apple bought Shazam a long time ago, Cupertino decided to make it a standard iOS function only now. The company’s developers not only built a music recognition service into the OS, but added a picture-in-picture function to recognize songs with the same device that plays them. In principle, this is a useful and sometimes really necessary thing, given that it is often almost impossible to determine the belonging of the track playing on the intro to the video in other ways. But Google has gone much further than Apple.

Google added to its search engine the ability to find a song by rhythm without knowing the words at all. Just hum a tune and clever algorithms will match it to digital prints of a huge number of tracks, find similarities and give you the result. This feature appeared in the latest update of the Google app for iOS and Android and is currently available for use only on mobile devices. Looking ahead, I will say that the innovation works just fine, recognizing most of the songs that I sang to her.

How to search for a song without words

  • To find a song by tune, download the Google app ;
  • Click on the microphone icon in the search bar;
  • Hum the tune of the song you want to find (you can even with your mouth closed);
  • Continue humming for about 10-15 seconds and you will get the result.

Despite the fact that the recognition is quite accurate, without requiring the pronunciation of words, it will be better if you still mutter something in parallel. I don’t know how the algorithms take this into account, but when I sang something illegible, Google more often gave the correct result, and when I sang only the tune, it was more often wrong. However, you should not use the interjections “na-na-na” or “la-la-la” in singing. The search engine prioritizes them higher than the melody, and, taking them for a search query, starts looking for them. Therefore, you will not be able to get a relevant result.

How can you find a song without shazam

According to Google engineers , it was rather difficult to teach a search engine to recognize a tune and search for a song without words. To do this, we had to use artificial intelligence, which converts the sound into a sequence of numbers – a kind of digital impression of the track. At the same time, interestingly, the algorithms do not care how you hum the composition. For example, you can use whistling, buzzing, and even just studio recordings. Smart instruments will still remove all unnecessary things such as accompanying instruments and voice timbre.

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