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How to Make iPhone More Powerful with MagSafe


The magnetic MagSafe mounts on the iPhone 12 can indirectly improve their performance. To do this, you will need to fix a case with a built-in cooling element on the back cover of the smartphone. Most likely, this element should be active, because, as practice shows, it is the lack of a cooler that prevents the new MacBook Air from competing with the MacBook Pro, despite the almost identical capabilities of the M1 processor. Do you think all this is the invention of a dreamer? It looks like that. And what is it really?

Apple is working on a dedicated Active Cooling iPhone case. This is indicated by a patent, which describes a completely new type of case that connects to a smartphone through the back cover and continuously monitors the temperature of the device. When it is increased, the case activates the cooling system and removes heat from the case, thereby reducing the load on the internal components of the smartphone, as well as allowing the processor not to drop the clock frequency and work at the limit of its capabilities and further.

IPhone is warming up. What to do

It is the ability not to drop the clock frequency when it heats up that allows the processor to continuously perform the most demanding tasks. Oddly enough, but modern smartphones could be more powerful if they had a built-in cooler. In any case, this is the case with laptops. It was not for nothing that I mentioned the new MacBook Air at the beginning of the article. It is not known to be actively cooled, unlike the MacBook Pro. Therefore, with essentially identical processors, their performance in demanding tasks will differ.

Craig Federighi himself spoke about the effect of active cooling on performance. He stated that the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air may have the same processor. But thanks to the presence of a cooler that cools the insides, the output of a professional laptop will be more powerful than an “air” one . For many, this aspect is not obvious, but this is not unusual. The fact is that almost none of the manufacturers have made commercially successful laptops without active cooling, installing fans in their cases, even small ones.

Apple went further and did the incredible, proving that overheating is the main enemy of high performance. In this sense, processors are no different from a power supply. If the voltage jumps above 220V, it risks damaging the devices that are connected to the outlet. A voltage regulator can save the situation by leveling the jump. In the case of a processor, something similar happens. If he realizes that he cannot work at the same frequency and continue to heat up, he will simply reset it, albeit at the cost of performance.

Returning to the topic of the cover, with which we began this article, it should be noted that its appearance does not look like something unrealizable. After all, MagSafe is not just a magnet, but an entire ecosystem. Therefore, it is in Apple’s interests not to limit itself to the production of only wallets and kukluklan overalls, but also to come up with something more effective. If something similar is implemented in Cupertino, I would not be surprised at all. But most likely I will be among the first buyers of a case that accelerates the already most powerful smartphone in the world.

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