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How to enable video calls in Telegram on iPhone


In the Telegram 7.0 update, video calls on the iPhone have officially appeared. This is a very relevant innovation, given that previously millions of users were forced to turn to alternative services with video calling support – in particular, Zoom, FaceTime, and others. Before that, video calls appeared on Telegram for Android, and shortly after, the App Store moderators approved the corresponding update for iOS. Let’s see how to enable video calls in Telegram on iPhone.

How to enable video calls in Telegram

To enable video calls in Telegram, you need to do the following.

  1. Update Telegram app to version 7.0
  2. Open the app and go to the profile of the contact you want to call
  3. If the “Video” tab appears in the profile, video calls are activated!

How to call Telegram by video

To contact another Telegram user via video link, go to his profile and drag the avatar up. A tab with video calls ( Video ) will appear next to the normal call icon

To make a video call via Telegram, it is necessary that the interlocutor has also updated the application to at least version 7.0 with support for video calls. If you try to call another user who does not have the video calling option enabled, the call will be made in a normal audio format (no video).

Previously, this function was only available in the format for developers, but now all Telegram users on iOS and Android of the current version can use it. We tested video calls in Telegram – so far only a call is available between two interlocutors. And to switch the camera, just click on your thumbnail during a call. It is also possible to mute the microphone or the sound of the interlocutor.

This will allow you to use the video-conferencing application. And if Telegram developers add the ability to share screen content to the messenger, this will automatically make it a super-tool, which Zoom users are likely to go to.

For many, Telegram is now one of the best instant messengers on the market today. Pavel Durov’s project has incorporated all the best – reliable encryption that ensures the confidentiality of correspondence, high speed of work, and many useful and thoughtful options. In a sense, Telegram resembles Apple products. Therefore, we in the editorial office use it very actively, including for communicating with readers 

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