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Download Project Maelstrom Browser – First BitTorrent Based Web Browser!


Maelstrom-World First BitTorrent Based Browser!

So the first torrent based browser is out here! Yeah, its a BitTorrent powered web browser which is released in beta version. And this browser is named as Project Maelstrom 😀 This new browser has been coupled with many new features and tools inside it which allows all publishers and developers to build their own new content for the browser. So this shows us the technology is still growing up to the sky!


And a few months back, Microsoft Project Spartan was released for Windows 10 preview version. Now its again for web browser! Excitement with more fun, the project called as Maelstrom. So according to the developers, this will be first ever web browser to work based on torrent. And it will reach everyone’s hand this week before the arrival of the final version. Maelstrom beta version too got many features, anyhow it final version can come out with extra tools too!

Project Maelstrom Web Browser

This browser is totally a different tool where it can access websites by using a BitTorrent protocol where the websites will be powered by a group of people than centralized servers can be found. Maelstrom fetches content from peer to peer and they will distribute torrents while other browsers ping with usual servers method. The old method takes a lot of time to request them for files. But here it is totally different! This can maximize the no of torrent files as same as web pages in upcoming days! Along with the beta version, BitTorrent released Maelstrom beta version with developers publishing tools too! That’s sounds great!

And the public beta version of Maelstrom is only available for Windows users at present! There are no any words about Linux and Mac OS, but soon it may get some updates on it 😀 And Maelstroms doesn’t support any apps and extensions from the Chrome Store. Why I’m noting this point here? Because Project Maelstrom browser is totally based on Chromium or Google Chrome browser. It works similar to it but in a different manner and with new tools!

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Maelstrom project was announced last year in the month of December and the team has been worked a lot on it. The company has over 10,000 developers and with over 3000 publishers as per BitTorrent who are working on this project. Hope this will be a compatible project with those team workers and they will reap a great success in future days!

This will be a great browser and everyone should give a try on Maelstrom web browser. So how to download Maelstrom browser? For Windows, Mac & Linux OS? For downloading it, you can check the below part of this article,

Download Project Maelstrom Browser

You can download the beta version of Maelstrom from the official webpage of BitTorrent. And as mentioned above, at this time Maelstrom will support only on Windows OS platform and not on another platform. Maybe the final version can support Linux and Mac platforms. So just click the download link and you will be redirected to BitTorrent Download Page. Just click Free Download (Beta Version) and install it! Then Enjoy 😀

Download Maelstrom Web Browser

What’s your view about this Project Maelstrom Browser? Will it work fine for all? Share your thoughts in comments below! Do shares and like this post with your friends and spread this browser! Cheers 😀

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