How to Download and Use Tor Browser for Windows, Mac PC/Laptop

Every Website needs to know the identification of the person using their website. Its mandatory by the government surveillance from all the concerns to track the details of the people visiting the site, advertising the content and many more!
If you want to hide your IP and download any software anonymously, you need TOR Browser which helps in many ways. Today, I’m going to explain How to Download Tor Browser and How to Use Tor Browser to Surf and Download Anonymously on Internet. download Temple run 2 for pc


What is Tor?

Tor is a bundle of Software which helps user to Surf Content and Download anonymously. It hides the IP which is provided to you and allocate another fake IP address. Tor is a very robust and stable system, costs nothing, and has proven to be safe for many years. By Using Tor, user can get access almost all the websites on Public domain, without worrying about Government Rules and limits. Tor is a very robust and stable system, costs nothing, and has proven to be safe for many years.

Download Tor Browser

Tor is available for everyone all around the world. The easiest way to use Tor Browser is by downloading the Tor Browser Bundle

Download here.

How to Use Tor Browser

Tor hides the source and destination of all traffic you generate , so that prevents anyone to know who are, what you’re looking for, and what a view.  All you need is to run from your Computer or Laptop with Windows, Linux, or Mac, a special browser (almost equal to Firefox) injected with the power of the Tor network hide all traffic passing through it. By hiding the destination of your traffic also can help you bypass IP regulations and help you download torrents anonymously , and access blocked sites in your area for some reason. Download Subway Surfers for PC

Install Tor Browser

All you need is to Download the Software from the Link given above.

Step 1 : Install the browser

After downloading the software, install it by double-clicking the file you have just downloaded.


Step 2: Start Tor Browser

It will install a folder named “Tor Browser“. It will be same as Mozilla FireFox. Start the application named “Start Tor Browser“. Start the browser and that will allot a proxy address for your machine and you could be ready to browse the web anonymously. 


That’s it. You are done. This is how Tor Browser Works. Download Tor Browser and Surf anonymously, Download Torrent Files and much more from your PC or Laptop. If you have problem with installing or using Tor, do comment below.

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