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Are batteries the biggest problem with the AirPods?


Despite the fact that AirPods went on sale at the end of 2016, interest in Apple’s wireless headphones has not faded to this day. However, this should not be surprising – the company managed to bring to the market a truly breakthrough solution that does not have worthy analogs (even now) on the market of wireless headphones. And everything would be just fine, if not for one thing – the AirPods have a limited lifespan.

As you might guess, we are talking about miniature batteries installed in the AirPods. Despite their tiny size, these components, according to Apple, ensure the headphones up to 5 hours of battery life. However, such statements are relevant only for new headphones – because as you know, any battery loses its capacity over time. In practice, this means that wireless headphones will work from a single charge less and less. But is it possible to replace the battery?

We want to disappoint you-you cannot replace the battery. The fact is that AirPods have a non-removable design. That is why access to the internals is possible only if the body itself is cut. Of course, after such manipulations, it is not possible to reassemble the accessory. And the only solution to this problem is the complete replacement of the new component.

According to the established rates, the replacement of one earphone or cover will cost $ 49 (if AirPods is still under warranty) and $ 69 (if the warranty period has expired).

Thus, the complete replacement of all three components will cost the user even more expensive than buying new AirPods. And to change only one earphone does not make sense, since using the second one will be discharged much faster.

The conclusion from all this can be made as simple as possible – users should keep in mind that AirPods, despite their high price, have a limited lifespan. As a rule, it is several years. After that, most likely, you will have to buy another pair of headphones.

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