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Apple has released iOS 15.4 Release Candidate. What’s new


Today, March 8, Apple released iOS 15.4 Release Candidate to developers and users participating in beta testing. Released on the day of the presentation of the iPhone SE 2022, a new version of iOS means that in a week we will have the final version. However, we were waiting for the new iOS to appear for everyone today. Cupertino is carefully testing iOS 15.4 to avoid bugs, crashes, and, accordingly, user complaints. Let’s talk about what’s new.

It is also interesting that the start of sales of the iPhone SE 2022 is scheduled for March 18. Consequently, Apple released iOS 15.4 to make sure that it works, so that buyers do not receive an updated smartphone with bugs. In theory, the final iOS 15.4 will be released on March 15, which means that Apple will have three days to play it safe before the start of sales.

New features in iOS 15.4

This update will bring long-awaited features that have been missing all this time. Here’s what we found.

  • Unlock Face ID and autofill passwords in masked Safari.
  • Launching SharePlay from applications that support this feature.
  • 37 new emojis.
  • A new Wallet app widget will be available in the US.
  • Ability to leave notes on saved passwords in Keychain Access.
  • On the AirPods pop-up plate, L / R and charging case icons appeared.
  • iPadOS has added a slider to adjust the brightness of the connected keyboard.
  • Also on the iPad, you can customize the pull gesture from the lower left and right corners.
  • Ability to turn off notifications from automation.
  • iPhone photo assessment feature (Available in the US only).
  • Ability to update iOS over cellular.
  • Siri has a new voice and can provide time and date information offline on iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and later.
  • Added Italian and Chinese to Safari web page translation.
  • Changed emergency call settingsFive-tap calling is still available in iOS settings.
  • Apple podcasts are filtered by season, episodes played, saved, and downloaded.

Apple also fixed existing bugs that were in previous versions. Here’s what developers fixed in iOS 15.4 Release Candidate.

  • The keyboard can insert a period between the dialed digits.
  • Photos and videos didn’t sync to iCloud Photo Library.
  • Accessibility was crashing in the Books app.
  • Live Listen did not turn off.

It’s safe to say that Apple has done a good job of fixing the bugs and the update will work perfectly on all iPhones.


How to Install the iOS 15.4 Beta

  • Follow the link and download the RC version of iOS 15.4.
  • Go to Settings, click “Profile loaded” and install it.
  • Go to “Software Update” and search for a new version.
  • Install iOS 15.4.

Now we can say with confidence that next week we are waiting for iOS 15.4 for all users. We remind you: if you want to install iOS 15.4 Release Candidate , then you need to save a backup in iCloud. You understand that something can go wrong during the update process, but you can always roll back to a stable build.

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