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Apple Releases iOS 15 Feature Brief


Apple has already delighted us by announcing the date of its presentation. Now, the company has released a feature overview in the Tips app, a short guide of several tips that talks about the main innovations of the updated operating system and how to use them. Perhaps not all features will appear immediately – some will be added over time in the form of small updates. We figured out how to use it, what’s new, and whether the functions will be available in our country.

Before we move on to describing the functional innovations of iOS 15, I propose to deal with the errors that may occur in preparation for the update, during its installation, or after it is completed.

iOS 15 check fails

If a notification appears on the iPhone screen with the text ” Check for update failed “, in a high degree this means that you do not have enough free space on your device to download the update. Alternatively, you can clean up unnecessary data in the smartphone’s memory, but if this does not help, you need to use an external update tool. Tenorshare ReiBoot will act as such.

  • Download Tenorshare ReiBoot for your Mac or PC;
  • Connect iPhone to computer via Lightning;
  • Click “Start” – “iOS update problem”;
  • Select “Fix Now” – “Standard Repair”;
  • Confirm the download of the update and wait for the installation.What is good about Tenorshare ReiBoot is its universal approach. The utility simply offers to select the problem that you are facing, and then independently suggest a way to fix it. If memory is low, ReiBoot will act as an external update tool. She will simply download the update to your computer, and then install it on your iPhone without wasting your smartphone’s memory.

A similar method is suitable for other problems. For example, if the iPhone cannot download the update and writes ” Calculation of the remaining time “. This means that at the moment there is a very heavy load on the Apple server and it is better to try downloading the update not over the air, but through ReiBoot. Or let’s say if the iPhone writes ” Update installation failed “. This error indicates that the connection with the server was established, but was not stable enough to download the update.

But it’s good if the update just didn’t load because there wasn’t enough memory. But it may also be that the update has already been downloaded, started to install, but in the process, some files did not have enough free space to unpack, or the update file simply turned out to be damaged. This can cause the iPhone to just get stuck on the apple logo and there is nothing you can do about it. Only if you don’t have ReiBoot. If you have other problems, you can find ways to solve them here.

iPhone stuck on apple logo. What to do

If the smartphone simply did not have enough memory, you can get by with a standard repair, but if the update file turned out to be damaged, but the iPhone found out only during the installation process, you will not be able to do without a deep repair.

  • Launch ReiBoot on your computer and connect your iPhone;
  • Click “Start” – “iOS Mode Stuck” – “Fix Now”;
  • Select “Deep repair”, download the update and start the recovery procedure;
  • Wait for the firmware recovery procedure to complete and turn off the iPhone.It is important to understand that deep repair involves deleting all data on the device. The fact is that as part of this procedure, ReiBoot resets the firmware and rolls it over again. Therefore, it is logical that it is not possible to save any files. However, you can be sure that a deep repair will definitely fix your problem only if it is not of a hardware nature. ReiBoot will not cope with the repair of the power button, damage to the motherboard or the charging controller.

How FaceTime has been updated

FaceTime on iOS 15 will have a voice isolation feature – an option that helps filter out background noise that enters when the microphone is working. The innovation was developed thanks to machine learning and various algorithms. Now your interlocutor will hear you clearly as if you are sitting next to you – noises will not disturb you, the interlocutor will hear only your voice. Selecting “Wide Spectrum” will allow you to use the sounds around you. In addition, it will now be possible to create links to a FaceTime conversation – just share the link with someone for the person to join you.

How photos are saved on iPhone

The “For You” tab will have a new “Sent to you” section, which will automatically display photos and videos that were sent to you in iMessage. Pictures that include you will be added to the All Photos, Days, Months, and Years sections. They will appear in Collections and Memories, including the photo widget.

How notifications will change in iOS 15

The new is the well-forgotten old. That’s what Apple thought, creating something similar to “Profiles” from old mobile phones, called this feature “Focus”. iOS 15 will have four default profiles: Do Not Disturb, Private Time, Work, and Sleep. Each of them will work differently. For example, the “Work” profile will help you focus during working hours so that notifications do not interfere. Focusing will be adjusted using your device’s information about received notifications. Based on them, you will receive notifications from those you need.

A summary of notifications will also appear – in the morning, in the evening, or at another scheduled time. The summary will contain those notifications that are most relevant to you. This will help you quickly review what you missed during the day while the focus mode was on.

How Maps will change in iOS 15

There will be many interesting changes in this application. The only negative: will they work in our country? So far, unfortunately, they won’t. Now, when you walk, you can follow the instructions in augmented reality – it looks really cool. In this way, you can explore new cities, because different sights and objects will appear on the map.

Tab groups in iOS 15

A new feature in the Safari browser will allow you to finally deal with a bunch of open tabs – this is very convenient when you open a lot of web pages, but you need at least some order in the system. You can create a tab group, rename it, or delete it. The tabs themselves within the group will be displayed as thumbnails, making it easier to find the desired page.

Recognition and translation of text from a photo

Now you can recognize text directly from a photo: you need to click on any picture with text (Russian language, unfortunately, is not supported) and a selection will appear. The feature is not new at all – it already exists in many applications, including Google Photos. But the text can be copied directly from the photo – a great feature for a standard application so as not to download anything extra.

The selected text can be transferred directly from the camera to notes: tap the screen and select “Text from the camera”, then select the desired text and the system will make it printed and insert it into the note.

Now it’s much easier to translate the text: translate directly from PDFs, Messages, and from other applications – select the desired segment and click on this area by selecting “Translate”. You can now copy or save the selected text. The function will also work with text on photos.




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