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What’s new in macOS 14 and which devices will support it


Every year, in addition to mobile operating systems iOS and iPadOS, Apple updates its desktop operating system macOS . This year it should be updated to version 14. Traditionally, all new software in Cupertino is shown in the summer at WWDC. If there is no force majeure, then this year should not be an exception. And this summer we will see in which direction Apple computers will move . In the meantime, more and more information and various leaks appear about iOS 17, at least some data about macOS 14. Apparently, something stunning from the desktop system this year is not worth waiting for.

Nevertheless, there are innovations that are simply bound to appear on Macs, and we are very much looking forward to them. And some users just want to know if their MacBook will get a fresh update or if they already need to think about buying a new one. In this article, we understand what’s new in macOS 14 and which devices will support it.

Which Macs will be updated to macOS 14

First of all, I propose to deal with computers on which it will be possible to install the new macOS 14 . Apple is systematically moving away from devices based on Intel processors and is gradually ending support for them. But you can’t do it all at once. Still, users still have a lot of current models in their hands , and it would not be very correct to take and cut off their access to updates. We can say for sure that the 2017 MacBook will definitely go to rest and will not receive macOS 14. At the time of its release, it lacked the stars from the sky in terms of performance, but here it can be quite sad. An approximate list of devices that will receive macOS 17 is as follows:

  • MacBook Air 2019 and newer.
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and newer.
  • Mac mini 2018 and newer.
  • iMac 2019 and newer.
  • iMacPro.
  • Mac Pro 2019 and newer.
  • Mac Studio.

Most likely, these computers will be able to upgrade to macOS 14 this year. If you forgot how to find out the version of your Mac , then do it according to our instructions. This does not mean that you need to urgently run to the store and buy new Macs. Given that updates to computers must be installed very carefully, as individual applications may simply stop working, then do not be discouraged if your Mac does not support the new version. In part, it will be even calmer.

When will macOS 14 be released

As usual, beta versions of macOS 14 will be released all summer long . With a very strong desire, it will even be possible to participate in open testing of the system. Apple is making it hard to install developer betas on iOS devices , and macOS should be no different. It is possible that a developer account is also required here to install it on any Mac.

The release of the system for all will happen in the fall. It is unlikely that Apple will change something in this regard. Therefore, you can wait for macOS 14 sometime in October. I really hope that by that time all children’s sores will be defeated and the system will be stable and will work fine even on old computers and laptops.

notifications on macbook

Well, since we have decided on the supported devices and the release date, we can discuss new features. Nearly all recent MacBook models come with a webcam cutout . So why doesn’t Apple beat this element that is not the most pleasing to the eye and make an analogue of Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro there . First, it will bring order to the Notification Center, which few people use because of the alerts and widgets piled on top of each other.

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And secondly, it will allow you to monitor the background execution of various processes. For example, you uploaded a movie, and Dynamic Island showed the progress of the download. Comfortable? Undoubtedly. After the movie downloaded, a small animation signaled you about it and disappeared. It would be very cool and the cutout would not be so annoying.

Time Machine on iCloud

But what raises even more questions is Time Machine backup . I must say right away that I am not against this program. This is the most convenient computer backup utility I’ve ever seen. But by 2023, it’s time to enable users to create them in the cloud. Apple has a great two-terabyte iCloud plan . For most users, this is enough to save all the data from the computer.

Those who need more will be able to continue using external drives, as before. In addition, it will allow you to make good money. After all, the basic tariff for a computer backup is definitely not enough, and many will be willing to pay to have access to their backups from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the speed of the modern Internet makes it easy to download even a couple of terabytes from the cloud.

New apps for macOS

Since so many Macs have been running ARM processors for generations, it’s time to move more mobile apps to them. For example, Translator, Clips or Health. By the way, you still cannot see the health indicators measured by the Apple Watch paired with the iPhone from the computer. It’s time for Apple to close this gap. After all, it is much more convenient to look at a recently made cardiogram from a computer.

macOS Ventura brings the long-awaited Clock and Weather apps. And if the latter is fully synchronized with your iPhone, then the Clock lives its own life. And if the absence of alarm clocks can still be understood, then why not synchronize the world clock? Most likely, the user on all his devices needs the same data. Therefore, Apple, we are waiting for the synchronization of everything that is possible!
As you can see, macOS 14 will not bring anything globally new. Yes, and it cannot bring, since all the efforts of developers are now focused on the operating system for the Apple xrOS VR helmet . Although in relation to iOS 17, there are rumors that the update will still be noticeable . But I still advise waiting for the usual improvement in stability and performance. And small improvements in individual programs will benefit everyone.

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