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6 things to do before upgrading to iOS 13


Until the first beta version of iOS 13 becomes available for download, there are only a few weeks left, so we decided to remind you once again what operations are desirable (and necessary) to be done before installing the update of the Apple mobile operating system. After all, you probably want to install an update: promises a lot of innovations, including in terms of design, and with a public beta you can make it completely legal.

Surely for the entire past year, a sufficient number of unnecessary files have accumulated on your iOS devices. It can be anything from simple applications to documents. And if you did not have all the time/desire (select the appropriate option) to finally remove them, now is the moment when you need to gather strength and find the same time or desire.

Update by air weighs, believe me, a lot, and therefore, especially if you have a version with 16 GB of memory, you may simply not have enough free space in the device and instead of having to delete everything in a panic then take care of it in advance.

Backup is our friend, not the enemy

You probably have 1,000 and one important files on your device that you would really like to save. If this is true, then it will be very insulting at one moment to lose all these files if something goes wrong during the installation of the new version of OS.

That is why we strongly recommend that you backup all of your data using iTunes or using iCloud. You can do this by going to “Settings” – iCloud – “Storage and Copies” – “Create Backup”. Literally two clicks that will help save a thousand nerve cells and important files.



Check compatibility

In general, it will need to be done first. And you won’t have to wait for the official release – Apple will tell which iPhone you can install iOS 13 on the WWDC presentation (we will broadcast live so this information will not escape you). True, according to interlocutors who are familiar with Apple’s plans, the company plans to abandon support for not only iPhone 5s but also iPhone 6, 6 Plus and even iPhone SE.

Nobody forces you to buy for the iPhone Xs or Xr update – you can pay attention to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, which will get 100% update to iOS 13. Nobody has canceled the iPhone software support cycle, and now these smartphones are especially popular (“bang”) not all happy). Yes, and the price of the “seven” with the “eight” attract more – won the iPhone 7 32 GB in SmartPrice costs approx $265.  These are second-hand devices that are very different from the gadgets available on the secondary market: all smartphones are diagnosed at a service center, if necessary, minor repairs are made (only with original components), they also give a guarantee.

Do not forget about nutrition

The issue of charging your device is very important. It may sound strange or ridiculous to some, but it is a fact. If your device is not charged at least 50%, then you can forget about the new version and go on an exciting journey to the outlet.

You still have enough time, just make a rosette visit in a timely manner so that on June 3, when the first iOS 13 beta becomes available, be full of energy.

Update iTunes

f something goes wrong during the update, you will have to restore your iPhone via iTunes. Therefore, be sure to check its updates before connecting the device. To do this, open iTunes, go to the program menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Check for Updates”.

Do not forget about applications

Keep up with the times: update your applications, because during the installation of the new version of iOS this will be counted as a little plus. The fact is that there is a possibility that some applications after upgrading to the beta of iOS 13 will be “naughty”, especially if they are not updated in a timely manner.

That is why update your applications – and you are well, and the developer all the more.

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