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Why buy the new Xiaomi Pad 6: a powerful Snapdragon 870 tablet


Tablets have long become such a category of devices that are purchased not just for 2-3 years, like smartphones, but for 4-5 years. Although some companies are trying to make their gadgets for work, for the most part they are used for watching movies, reading books, and surfing the Internet. But is there any point in such a situation to overpay for expensive iPads, if you can find a tablet much cheaper and at the same time no worse in performance? Xiaomi Pad 6 is just such a model.

Xiaomi Pad 6 screen

The most important thing in any tablet is the screen. Through it, we interact with the device, which means that if something goes wrong with it, then the impression of use will be blurry. In this regard, Xiaomi Pad 6 can easily be called “top for the money”. It uses an 11-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels. Together, this gives us a pixel density of 309 PPI .

For comparison: the iPad 10, which is much more expensive, has a value of 264 PPI. Well, to make it even more pleasing to the eyes, the manufacturer has equipped the display with a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. Not only is the image very clear, but also the animations are rendered as smoothly as possible. Using this device is a pleasure. Once you try a high refresh rate screen , you won’t want to go back to simple displays.

Tablet with powerful processor

We figured out the screen, now it’s time to talk about performance. You can install any cool display you like, but if everything slows down, then the device will immediately go to the trash. The Xiaomi Pad 6 is powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. In AnTuTu, this processor easily knocks out around 720,000 points, which is an excellent indicator for 2023. Having bought Xiaomi Pad 6, you can not worry that in a year the tablet will slow down.

He has a margin of safety, and it will last for several years. Well, so that all this joy is not discharged immediately after the launch of the game, the manufacturer installed an 8840 mAh battery in the tablet with support for fast charging 33 W. This is one of the largest batteries among devices in this class. Thanks to it, you can not worry that Xiaomi Pad 6 runs out of power at the most inopportune moment.

Tablet with metal case

When Xiaomi introduced the previous generation of Xiaomi Pad 5, everyone thought that the back of the tablet was made of glass, but it turned out that it was just plastic. With Xiaomi Pad 6, the company has taken a different path. Now the body is completely made of a single piece of metal. You no longer have to worry that some parts will start to play or creak. Here it is simply out of the question.

Not gone anywhere and as many as four speakers. iPad 10 with his two cried somewhere on the sidelines. Xiaomi Pad 6 delivers great stereo sound, and Dolby Atmos support only adds depth to it. By the way, due to the rejection of plastic, it turned out to reduce the weight of the tablet. Instead of 511 grams, now it is 490. Although the difference is not very big, but if you keep it on weight for a long time, then even it will be felt.

Android tablet

Xiaomi Pad 6 runs on Android 13 operating system with MIUI Pad 14 shell . If you think that this is just a smartphone version stretched to the size of a tablet, then this is far from the case. Firstly, they have worked hard on multitasking. You will be able to run several applications at the same time without any problems and switch between them with one touch. The system will not unload them from memory, and therefore you can easily return to the place where you left off. Secondly, specially for the Xiaomi Pad 6 screen more than 200 applications have been adapted, which will significantly add convenience when using them. All controls are located in convenient places. Plus, they support Drag and Drop, which will allow you to simply drag and drop the necessary data between them in multitasking mode.

By the way, the developers also thought about those who often throw off various information from a tablet to a computer and vice versa. Xiaomi Pad 6 has USB 3.2 installed , which means that if you have compatible devices, then data transfer will take place at a very high speed. At the very least, you can really quickly load a couple of seasons of the series on the road into the tablet’s memory.

Xiaomi Pad 6 price

In the basic version, Xiaomi Pad 6 offers 128 GB of memory at once. You can consider this volume as a reference for tablets. 64 GB is already very small, and 128 is enough. In addition, if you wish, you can buy a second-generation Xiaomi Smart Pen stylusXiaomi Pad 6 Keyboard or, if you just need a case, then Xiaomi Pad 6 Cover. Already thinking about buying? Then let’s talk about the most interesting – prices.

From August 4, Xiaomi Pad 6 has a coupon discount, which you need to take on the product page. As a result, a good tablet will cost you a little more than $ 300. In addition, the first 360 buyers will have the opportunity to win 10 Xiaomi Pad 6, 50 POCO Watch, 100 Redmi Band 2, and 200 Redmi Buds Essential. As you can see, for the characteristics that Xiaomi Pad 6 offers, the price is simply gorgeous. Do not postpone the purchase indefinitely.

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