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What’s new in watchOS 10 and which Apple Watch can install it


Every year, in addition to iOS, iPadOS and macOS, Apple also updates the operating system for watchOS watches. This year, the jubilee, tenth version is just about to come out. Cupertino could not ignore such a figure, and they are going to seriously change the user interface. It is very difficult to imagine how you can improve or just in what direction to change the appearance of the operating system, but Apple probably knows what they are doing. At the very least, it would be nice to rid the watch of uncomfortable small buttons.

When I used the Apple Watch Series 4 at 44mm, there were always situations where I missed different controls. In this article, we understand what’s new in watchOS 10 , which Apple Watch it can be installed on, and whether we should expect any breakthroughs from the next generation of Apple watches .

Which Apple Watch will receive watchOS 10

Last week it became known that we will see new Apple operating systems on June 5 at WWDC 2023 . Let me remind you what awaits us:

  • iOS 17 ;
  • iPad 17 ;
  • macOS 14 ;
  • watch OS 10.

And that’s not to mention xrOS for Apple’s VR helmet . We have already talked about all these systems in detail, with the exception of watchOS 10. Moreover, information appeared from Mark Gurman from Bloomberg that the watch OS will receive major changes this year. First of all, let’s look at the list of supported devices. Given that the Apple Watch Series 4 has a modern design and good hardware, I am 99% sure that Cupertino will continue to support this version of the watch. Therefore, the full list of Apple Watches that will receive watchOS 10 is as follows:

  • Apple Watch Series 4;
  • Apple Watch Series 5;
  • Apple Watch Series 6;
  • Apple Watch Series 7;
  • Apple Watch Series 8;
  • Apple Watch Ultra ;
  • Apple Watch SE 1st generation;
  • Apple Watch SE 2nd generation.

In general, we can say that all current watches will receive the latest version of the system. Moreover, even old watches, most likely, will not be deprived of new chips. Remember how everyone thought last year that only new models would get the new power-saving mode , but it turned out that it was provided for everyone.

Menu in Apple Watch

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is working hard on changing the user interface. With more and more apps for the Apple Watch , it’s getting harder and harder to keep this hodgepodge under control. Therefore, I will not be surprised that, first of all, the changes will be aimed at more competently structuring the application menu. I look forward to watchOS 10 being able to add a few necessary icons to the cloud on the screen, which has become familiar to all watch owners, and all other programs to open from a special application library , similar to the iPhone. At least, such a decision will be as logical as possible.

Just take a look at what an icon cloud can look like. It is very easy to get lost in this. In addition, there are no signatures and it is not always easy to find a newly installed application. And some also ask him different bizarre forms. Yes, the Apple Watch has long had the ability to make the application menu in the form of a list, but this is not as beautiful as the cloud. On iOS and iPadOS, Apple put things in order a long time ago. Time to do it on watchOS.

Naturally, nowhere without new dials. Apple has taught us for a long time that with each version of watchOS, at least a few, but well-designed watch faces are added. Just take a look at what watch faces have arrived in watchOS 9. Any of them want to put it on the screen. In addition, it’s time for Apple to work on small controls to make them easier to use. I have no idea what solution can help here, but something needs to be done. Well, according to tradition, you can wait for the emergence of new types of training. Apple cares about the health of its customers and helps to lead healthy lifestyles.

Apple Watch 9 – what’s new

Apple does not just want to pump the new watchOS 10 user interface. The thing is that adding something really cool and stunning to the Apple Watch Series 9 will not work. See for yourself: ECG watches have been removed for a long time, there is a pulse oximeter, workouts are recorded, the pulse is measured, sleep is monitored, and even a thermometer is already in Series 8 . True, it works a little strangely, but you can still make the Apple Watch measure the temperature. Yes, you will need to dance with a tambourine, but it’s better than nothing.

Most likely, the Apple Watch Series 9 will be limited only to the new processor and fresh case colors. You can not even dream of a non-invasive glucometer so far. But we are definitely waiting for the appearance of the “Thermometer” application. At the same time, there is nowhere to enlarge the screen. Or you will have to fundamentally change the case and form factor of the watch, which Apple simply cannot do this year due to the release of the Reality Pro VR helmet .

Two completely new devices in Cupertino may not be taken out from a technical and software point of view, and marriage, glitches and user dissatisfaction will begin. So it turns out that if you really surprise, then software. Let’s hope that watchOS 10 does not get worse than watchOS 9. And if we are waiting for any cardinal changes in the interface, then they should definitely bring convenience. It remains to be believed that the Apple VR helmet has not overshadowed other projects, and everything will eventually work as we are used to: quickly and without glitches.

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