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How to display image from iPhone to Android TV. Apple TV is no longer needed!


TVs on Android TV are very confidently marching around the world and appearing in more and more homes. To be honest, I myself replaced my very good bent Samsung with Xiaomi c Android TV for the sake of its capabilities. There are no more restrictions on installing software exclusively from the app store. Threw any APK and you can use it. And the speed of work in general is sometimes amazing. It starts and opens programs much faster than my Samsung. But displaying a picture from an iPhone or iPad has become a bit of a problem.

The iPhone does not support Chromecast, even if you use the Google Chrome browser, and Android TV does not support AirPlay. But, as it turned out, everything is very easily solved by a third-party application. Our editor-in-chief Renat Grishin went through a dozen different programs and settled on Streamer for Chromecast TVs. We have thoroughly tested it in all modes and now we are telling you about all its pros and cons.

How to bring iPhone to TV

There are actually two ways to transfer a picture to Android TV from an iPhone or iPad. The first and, it seems to me, the most difficult is to add AirPlay support to the TV . Our author Ivan Gerasimov went exactly this way. There are a lot of unnecessary actions, but it is possible that you will like this option. And the second way is to add Chromecast to iPhone . This is exactly how the Streamer for Chromecast TVs app works. By the way, it is available in the Russian App Store, so you won’t need any perversions with foreign accounts. The only negative is that it only supports English, but you don’t have to read anything in particular.

Most likely, you are most interested in how to legalize a TV with this application. You will be surprised how easy it is:

  • Download the Streamer for Chromecast TVs app on your iPhone. You don’t need to download anything to the TV;
  • Connect your smartphone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • Run the downloaded program and at the top of the page click “Connect to Chromecast”;
  • In the window that opens, you will have all compatible TVs from your network. Just click on the one you need and the connection will happen automatically.

All! Just imagine! No scans, QR codes and additional TV programs! Just one button connection. I was shocked when I saw this. In terms of convenience, it is almost the same as connecting an iPhone to an Apple TV. Immediately after that, the name of the TV to which you are connected and the inscription “Connected” with a green circle will appear on the main screen.

Video from iPhone to TV

Now let’s discuss all the main features that Streamer for Chromecast TVs gives us. You can send video directly from your phone to your TV from almost any source. You don’t need any Android TV apps for this. Because of this, you will definitely see how the speed of your TV has increased . After all, the system does not have to spend resources on launching applications and maintaining them in the device’s memory. To output video from iPhone to Android TV , do the following:

  • Launch Streamer for Chromecast TVs;
  • Select “Browse & Cast”;
  • Search the internet for the video you want. I used the MovieLab service for testing . The application immediately determined that there were videos with different resolutions on the page, and offered to select the one you need.

After that, you can safely block your iPhone and continue watching on TV. Comfortable? Words cannot describe how. Why now someone might need an Apple TV for crazy money , I have no idea.

Mirror iPhone Screen to TV

But Streamer for Chromecast TVs isn’t just limited to movies, TV shows, and videos. You can even show the iPhone screen ! Yes, everything is the same as when using AirPlay. It works like this:

  • Launch Streamer for Chromecast TVs;
  • Select “Screen Mirror”;
  • Give the app all the permissions it asks for;
  • Click on the red circle and the broadcast will begin.

This is where I ran into the first cons. Since this feature works through screen recording, you may notice slight delays. Plus, the picture quality was not always perfect. With what it is connected I did not understand. It is possible that Wi-Fi failed somewhere. Well, to get a screen output with sound, you need a paid version. It costs one-time 1790 rubles or is distributed by subscription for 499 rubles per month or 1750 per year. If you need all the features of the application, then you can pay. But to be honest, it’s easier to launch the video from the browser and continue using it for free.

How to view iPhone photos on TV

With Streamer for Chromecast TVs, you can display photos and videos from the Photos app on Android TV, play music through Apple Music, and even use your TV as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera. The last function has a dubious convenience, but maybe it will come in handy for someone. All this, by the way, is available and works well in the free version.

You just have to select the appropriate section: “Photos & Videos”, “Music” or “Live Camera”, give the application permission to access programs, and the picture will immediately appear on the TV. Someone will even appreciate the ability to transfer any media file from a computer through a browser to Streamer for Chromecast TVs and immediately open it on TV. To do this, simply use the “Cast from PC” section.

Streamer for Chromecast TVs turned out to be an almost perfect application for streaming from iPhone to Android TV . By the way, it works great not only with TVs, but also with sticks . Therefore, urgently download it to your iPhone and iPad and stream for your pleasure.

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