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Top 10 AliExpress Products I Bought in 2022


My colleagues in the editorial office and I not only look for cool products for you but also test them ourselves: sometimes you realize that in a certain period of time you find really high-quality gadgets that you are not ashamed of. Today I will share with you what I ordered in 2022: there are accessories for a smartphone, gadgets for the home, for training, and even something for animals. I checked them on myself and strongly recommend that you buy them, especially since many goods have become cheaper now.

Inexpensive Bluetooth headphones

I bought myself JBL headphones specifically for training – this is a top for my money. They have a good shape, pleasant to the touch ear cushions, water protection, and touch control. None of the famous headphones produced such a sound! Now I think to make them the main ones and use them all the time.

Price: $ 22.23

Case for AirTag

One of my classmates is raising a child and is very worried about him. To know the location, he put AirTag in his backpack, but now he is not afraid to send the child for a walk, because the tag is always on his hand. The strap sits on the hand just fine, and the gadget itself does not fall out of it.

Price: $ 3.05

Good value irrigator

Hygiene is above all, but you can take care of yourself without spending a lot: the irrigator is great for brushing your teeth, so I bought myself such an inexpensive model that is no different from those that are in stores. Ali is exactly half the price, so if you are going to take one for yourself, you know where it is best to order.

Price: $20.91

The most comfortable lamp

There is never a lot of light, especially when you live in a country where it is winter most of the year. There are several backlight levels in the Baseus lamp, the maximum one is designed for 4 hours, and if you need a night light, then in this mode it can work for a whole day. The most important thing for me is attachment. It can be attached anywhere. The main thing is to be comfortable.

Price: $21.09

Comfortable straps for Mi Band

I never buy any kind of straps for Mi Band – I always choose only the top ones. I have never regretted that I took these: they do not rub the hand and do not get dirty. You can wear them forever: they are many times more pleasant than ordinary silicone ones, so I don’t shoot Mi Band anymore.

Price: $1.72

Convenient travel backpack

I am a big fan of backpacks: I already have four pieces from Nike in my collection, but they are too big. Plus, it’s sports. If you need something comfortable with compartments inside, then take this Xiaomi backpack: it can be worn with any clothes, it will not get wet even under a heavy downpour, and if you stuff too many things into it, it does not inflate, as a result of which it placed in the airline calibrator.

Price: $23.35

Bicycle Gadget

I prepared for the cycling season in advance and decided to please my iron horse: I installed a powerful flashlight from AliExpress, which immediately has a portable charger. Although it is protected from moisture, it should not be thrown into the river. But there are several levels of illumination – no worse than the main beam of a car.

Price: from $14.70

The best power bank

Portable charging should always be at hand, but should not take up much space. And I don’t want the container to fly out of it over time. I can say one thing: Ugreen is a topper for your money! It charges quickly, displays the charge level on the LED indicator, and is inexpensive. I took two at once: one for myself, the other as a gift.

Price: $23.75

Multiple USB charging

GaN charging is probably the best accessory for everyone today. It costs a lot, but justifies the money invested. I liked this adapter from Ugreen for its weight (much lighter than the adapter from a Huawei laptop) and the number of ports, each of which produces a certain amount of power. Thus, I can simultaneously charge several devices at once.

Price: $51.63


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