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A Quick Fix for Common Apple Music Problems


The higher quality of Apple Music is a strong point that keeps the favor of regular group and calls for visits from curious comers. Yet the deficiency is obvious: the formidable wall of DRM. Apple’s Fairplay DRM advocates the legal utilization of the digital content, but in a way has limited some normal use and thus caused a few troubles. Complaints are seen in many places. Here we could turn to two aspects: restricted offline use and Apple-branded device targeted.

Have You Faced This Apple Music Problem

It’s good that Apple Music holds acceptance to offline download the songs. However, it doesn’t mean you have totally owned the song. It is actually the audio cache that can only be played on Apple-branded devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and etc. That means, if you switch the Apple music cache to other devices like Samsung Galaxy, PS4, and Wii, you will receive that these files cannot be played. Moreover, if you decide to end the Apple Music subscription, then the offline music will disappear once the time is over. All in all, these Apple Music problems are blamed on DRM protection.

How Can We Free Apple Music From DRM Restriction

To get rid of the current dilemma, seemingly DRM should be the core matter. Here we recommend TuneFab Apple Music Converter to help you free Apple Music from DRM restriction. It performs an excellent job to do the DRM removal by converting Apple Music to other available audio formats. After that, what you get at hand will be a lossless converted Apple music with permanent and device-free use.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter: A Professional Apple Music DRM Remover

  • Strip DRM from Apple Music
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, etc.
  • Enjoy Apple Music on any media player, web player and device
  • Make it possible to burn Apple Music to CD
  • Long-lasting Apple Music for offline use
  • Run on Windows and Mac smoothly

Step by Step to Remove DRM From Apple Music Converter

Step 1. Install TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Click “Try it Free” and get the TuneFab Apple Music Converter installed on your Windows or Mac.

Try it Free Try it Free

Step 2. Add Apple Music to the Conversion list

Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Then iTunes on your PC will be opened automatically and Apple Music playlist will be recognized and synced. Go to “Playlists”. Select and tick the preferred songs. It is ok to convert the whole playlist based on the software’s batch conversion.

Choose Apple Music Tracks


Step 3. Select Proper Output Settings for Apple Music

Here you should pay attention to decide “Output Format” and “Output Folder”. Choose a proper output format for Apple Music at your request. Other parameters like bitrate here can be viewed and changed as you like.

Select Output Format


Step 4. Convert and Remove DRM from Apple Music

Go and click “Convert” icon at the top. Then you will enter the conversion page. Wait a few minutes if the converter is asked to deal with a bunch of Apple Music.


After these five steps, now you get the DRM-free Apple Music in the output folder. Try it, and you will surprisingly catch that this time Apple music is not confined to Apple authorized software and device. It is easy to play it on common media players like Windows Media Player, transfer it to devices like Samsung Galaxy and Sony Walkman, and share it to the social platform or to web player, and even edit the converted Apple Music to your need. Surprisingly, the gorgeous sound effect has met no loss thanks to TuneFab Apple Music Converter’s superior work. That’s also exactly what it is committed to for a more advanced Apple Music listening.

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