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How to use the Apple Music on your Xbox One


Xbox One is one of the most popular controllers Video Games in the world, and one of the biggest advantages is the possibility of support for music services such as Soundcloud. But unfortunately, the Apple Music service didn’t support video games controllers. However, there is a solution to overcome this obstacle and allow you to use the Apple Music service on Xbox One your.

How to use the Apple Music on your Xbox One

Use Apple Music on your Xbox One

Initially, you have to download the app AirServer on your Xbox One, which is available on the shop Microsoft Store at the price of $ 9.99, with a free trial period.

Steps for AirServer on your Xbox One

Step 1: Go to the tab “Store” on the Xbox One, and select the search box.

Step 2: Now, you need to write AirServer using the keyboard that appears on the screen and then selects the AirServer Xbox Edition.

Step 3: After that, choose the free demo version of the app, and then select Launch to open the AirServer on your Xbox One.

Step 4: directly press on the dial pad and press the A button to display the QR Code the QR Code on the screen.

As soon as you finish all the steps mentioned above, head to your iOS device to complete the setup process.

Connect AirServer on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Turn on the App Store on your iOS device and search for AirServer Connect.

Step 2: After that, install AirServer Connect on your device.

Step 3: After installation, open the AirServer Connect and select Scan QR Code.

Step 4: scan the QR code shown on the Application screen in the Xbox One.

Run streaming music from the Apple Music on the Xbox One using the application AirServer Connect

Once you finish connecting your Xbox One iOS device via the app AirServer, you can play Apple Music through the Xbox One during gameplay.

Step 1: run the music application on your iOS device and filled with your favorite song.

Step 2: now click on the icon AirPlay at the bottom of the playback screen.

Step 3: After that, you need to select the XboxOne 1080p 30.

Now, will broadcast music Apple Music on your Xbox One to yours.

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