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Lost wallpaper on iphone. What to do


A year after the release of iOS 16, it’s worth facing the truth and admitting that the operating system turned out to be extremely buggy and problematic. Users are still facing various system bugs, not to mention fast discharge : Apple fixes some of the bugs in updates, but given that the iOS 16 cycle has come to an end, now there will be much less of them. Some of the users are faced with an unpleasant problem – they disappear wallpaper on iPhone , as a result of which just a black background is displayed in their place. Why is this happening and how to return the image to the iPhone splash screen ?

Why does my iPhone wallpaper disappear?

Apple has a number of problems in iOS 16 , which she frankly decided to score and not fix. So, due to a bug, the iPhone does not recognize albums with people in the lock screen settings, which is why the images for Shuffle photos have to be selected manually. Along with this error, many still face the fact that wallpapers disappear from the iPhone screen : this happens either when they are installed, or just like that, for example, after a reboot.

In theory, Apple fixed this problem in one of the early builds of iOS 16, but many are faced with it even many months after the update. The main reason is a software failure, due to which the owners of old iPhones were the most unlucky , who after the release of iOS 17 will receive only small updates with fixes. However, in some cases, wallpapers disappear from the iPhone screen due to the fault of the users themselves. It can be solved in several ways.

What to do if wallpaper is not installed on iPhone

Sometimes the disappearance of the splash screen from the smartphone screen is due to damage to the file itself or deletion, as a result of which a black background appears instead of the image. The best thing you can do is to check if the image opens on iPhone and if it was accidentally deleted.

  • Go to Photos on your iPhone and find the image.
  • Make sure it opens.
  • If the picture is deleted, go to the “Recently Deleted” folder and click “Restore” in the lower right corner.

After that, go to the lock screen settings and set the image again – you can use our instructions if you forgot how to do it. Didn’t help and instead of wallpaper, a dark background appears again? Download it again – the file is probably not completely downloaded.

iPhone wallpapers disappeared

Wallpapers from the iPhone screen also disappear due to the fact that they were moved to the hidden folder. They need to be taken out of there to be placed back on the desktop.

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Select the “Photos” item and activate the switch next to “Hidden album display”.
  • Now go to the gallery and select “Hidden” at the very bottom.
  • Log in with Touch ID or Face ID, after which hidden images will open for you. Hold the one you want and click “Show”.

The picture will return to the photo library, after which you can reinstall it on the iPhone screen.

How to get wallpaper back on iPhone

There are other ways to fix the problem if the background on iPhone disappeared . Be sure to try them if the previous method did not help.

  • Try removing widgets from your home screen and lockscreen. In some cases, due to the congestion of the desktop, they may conflict, so the wallpaper is not installed correctly. To do this, simply hold the widget on the screen and press “-“.
  • Disable Always On Display: It can cause wallpapers to turn black on newer iPhone models . You can do this in the settings by selecting “Screen and brightness” and moving the slider next to “Screen always on” to an inactive position.
  • Turn off Focus on iPhone: due to the fact that it filters functions, not all of them may work and even hide applications from the system . To do this, open Control Center, select “Focus” and check that it is inactive.
  • Uninstall the iOS skin changer app . You can install wallpapers from there, but due to the lack of a subscription, they may disappear from the screen.
  • And do not forget to update iOS on iPhone : if you haven’t installed a new version for a long time, then you need to do it right now, since this error is extremely rare in the latest versions. Go to Settings – “General” and search for an update in the “Software Update” section.

Please note that sometimes iPhone wallpapers disappear due to lack of memory . If the storage space is low, some functions start to work incorrectly, and you can fix this by clearing the cache. 

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