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4 Ways to Hide and Lock Photos on iPhone and iPad


Smartphones have firmly entered our lives for a very long time. And over the years, some users have accumulated a decent amount of photos. Individual shots are completely not intended for prying eyes. This does not mean that these are some compromising or indecent images. It is possible that they simply capture something personal and intimate, which you do not want to share with anyone. But you know about this strange habit of some people – to scroll left or right when they were given a phone to look at one photo.

It is for such cases that it is worth hiding some images more securely in the depths of the iPhone, and for greater reliability, also password-protect them. In this article, we talk about four ways to hide and lock photos on iPhone and iPad. This manual is ideal for both smartphones and tablets. So feel free to use it for iPad.

How to put a password on hidden photos on iPhone

Starting with iOS 16, Apple made it possible to lock the folder with hidden photos in the standard gallery with a password and Face ID . Unfortunately, you can only use the same passcode with which you unlock the screen. In a situation where someone other than you knows it, you can not think about the maximum level of confidentiality. But if you are the only one who can enter it, then you can use this function:

  • Open the settings on the iPhone and select the “Photos” section;
  • Find the item “Using Face ID” and activate it;
  • Go to the Photos app and hold your finger on any photo you want to hide until the context menu appears;
  • Click the “Hide” button;
  • Go to the list of albums and in the “Other” block find “Hidden”;
  • Click on it to sign in and verify your identity with a Face ID or a password.

No extra steps and additional software. Everything works natively, which is very convenient if you need to hide some photos properly. The only disadvantage of this method, in fact, is the use of a standard passcode.

How to put a password on Telegram

If you want to block photos more seriously, then the already familiar Telegram messenger can help you here . You can use any password that you like on it, and drop the necessary photos to your Favorites without losing quality:

  • Open Telegram and go to the “Settings” tab;
  • Select “Privacy”;
  • Go to the “Passcode and Face ID” section;
  • Click “Enable passcode” and set any password you want. Including an arbitrary set of characters of any length;
  • Go to the “Favorites” chat and click on the paperclip;
  • In the menu that appears, select “File” and mark all the necessary photos.

Once sent, these pictures can be removed from the gallery. The main thing – do not forget to empty the folder “Recently Deleted” . If you hide photos, then clear all the places where they can be easily found.

How to hide photos on iPhone

As an alternative to Telegram, you can also choose special third-party applications that allow you to hide photos and videos . One such program is Hide it Pro . It is available in the App Store for free. It works like this:

  • Set a password that will protect your data;
  • Select the “Photos” section and create an album;
  • Go to it and add the desired photos with the help of “+”;
  • After adding a photo to an album, the app will prompt you to remove it from the gallery.

This application has one very serious plus. To unlock, the pin code you set when you signed in to the app will be used . It may not have anything in common with the unlock code, and besides, opening the program does not launch Face ID, where the faces of loved ones are often added. Therefore, this application can be called your personal iPhone confidential folder .

Yandex Disk application password

And even these are not all the ways in which you can hide photos . Almost any cloud storage makes it possible to set a passcode on the application . And, importantly, different from the one with which you unlock the iPhone. Using Yandex Disk as an example, it works like this:

  • Open Yandex Disk and click on the circle with your account in the upper left corner;
  • Go to settings;
  • Select the item “Password for the application”, activate it and set the password you need.

Now you just have to add photos to the cloud and delete them from your smartphone. As you can see, everything is done very simply. In fact, it just seems that there are practically no options to hide photos on the iPhone . A lot of them. You can even create custom automations that block access to all of your photos . Choose any option you like and use it on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, they are all very easy to set up.

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