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5 iOS 16 issues that Apple still hasn’t fixed


The iOS 16 cycle is coming to an end: already in June, Apple will introduce a new operating system for iPhones, and the current one will surely add to the list of not the most successful versions. The fact is that all this time, starting from the moment of release, users constantly faced certain problems. From time to time , Apple fixed them in subsequent updates , but at the same time new ones appeared – and so on ad infinitum. Some bugs have been haunting users since the very first versions, but for some reason the Cupertino people are in no hurry to fix them. Here are a few iOS 16 issues that are still on the system today.

Home screen wallpaper won’t change

Problems with wallpapers in iOS 16 have been haunting users since the release of the operating system. At first, they simply did not change and a dark background appeared instead, but later this was fixed in one of the updates. However, there is one shortcoming that is an eyesore for active users: the fact is that when you change the wallpaper, when you call or open a page with tabs, the old image is displayed in the background!

I agree, a trifle, but still unpleasant when this happens on a rather expensive smartphone . At the same time, there is no single solution to the problem with wallpaper on iPhone : for some of the users, it goes away by itself, for others, a reboot helps. Probably, by one of the latest iOS 16 updates, the error will finally be fixed.

iPhone battery draining fast

I don’t know about you, but personally I am afraid to update the iPhone in the last year. The fact is that all versions of iOS 16 reduce the autonomy of iPhones , as a result of which smartphones now work very little on a single charge. This applies to almost all models with the exception of the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE – according to tests, their autonomy remained at the same level.

The most unlucky owners of the iPhone 12, whose batteries Apple killed in iOS 16.4. Why, some began to experience oddities with the battery even after installing the recent Rapid Security Response security update – we wrote about it. Perhaps iOS 16.5 will fix this, but I highly doubt it

But iOS 16 almost always correctly displays the iPhone’s battery charge – I personally have not encountered such problems. But the widget in the system incorrectly shows it for connected accessories, for example, for AirPods. And this is not the first complaint!

iPhone screen hangs – what to do

iOS 16 has not only problems regarding performance, but also related to the interface. Some animations do not work correctly and appearance elements overlap each other. For example, such problems occur with the design of the alarm clock: the tabs at the bottom of the screen are superimposed on the list.

The Weather app turned out to be not the most ideal: not only did it break not so long ago, but such strange things happen inside. When moving the forecast, it moves along the list very crookedly – even Android does not have such design problems.

In addition, there is such a bug when playing music: the control keys and the notification screen for some reason get stuck on the album cover, although this should not be. Sometimes all the elements disappear on it when you scroll them. You can attribute this to the fact that loxrin was seriously redesigned in iOS 16, unlike other versions, but similar errors were encountered even in iOS 15 and earlier. 

iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

One of the iOS 16 updates broke the connection to Wi-Fi: the fact is that smartphones out of the blue began to disconnect from the wireless network for no apparent reason, or the connection disappeared and reappeared.

The problem did not turn out to be massive, affecting only a part of users, but some still complain that the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi , even if it was previously used. That is, when you come home, your smartphone may be left without the Internet until you do it yourself.

In addition, many users on the iPhone have Wi-Fi networks without a name – there are complaints on Reddit. In the list of used connections, there are connections that do not have a name at all: someone manages to delete, and some get an error. What to do with it is not very clear.

iPhone shows memory incorrectly

Some users are faced with fairly rare bugs – their iPhones incorrectly display the amount of occupied memory . For example, the system shows that Photos on a smartphone take up 138 GB, while the storage is only 128 GB. Or the iMessage cache takes up over 50 GB, while the statistics show only 21 GB of data.

Such bugs are very common and sometimes look too wild: for example, iOS 16.4.1 (a) weighs less than 100 MB, but in the system its size is almost 4 GB. How to be and who to believe? Apple Get Started!


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