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How to enter Tinder after blocking and download it on iPhone


Western companies continue to leave Russia: as we said earlier, Tinder decided to stop working in our country and still did it by removing the application from the App Store . Now, when logging in, users are faced with the fact that either their account is logged out, or the dating service does not work at all. The main problem is that many people cannot enter Tinder by number , but this does not mean at all that the dating application is now useless in Russia. We found a great workaround to get it working again! We tell you how to use Tinder after blocking and return it to your iPhone.

Can’t sign in to Tinder – what to do

Today, June 30, many users were unable to log into Tinder . The fact is that from that day on, the service no longer works in Russia, and the application itself has been removed from the Russian App Store. The system kicked someone out of the account and it is no longer possible to enter it by number – only logging in with an Apple ID or through a Google account, if they were linked, will help.

Those who are a little more fortunate are faced with the fact that Tinder does not load , but this is treated by turning on the VPN on the iPhone. But you can’t get around the restriction on entering by number even through the browser version – the site writes that the phone number belongs to a country where Tinder does not work

It would seem that the easiest way is to simply use another dating service If your account is logged out, then most likely it will not be possible to return it – put up with it. 

  • Go to the onlinesim website and click “Buy a number”.
  • Register and click “Top up” at the top left.
    • Choose a deposit method and add money to your account.
  • Go to “Receive SMS” and select the number for the UK – it definitely works.
  • Now go to Tinder, after turning on the VPN, and click “Login”, then select the desired prefix from the list and enter the phone number.
  • You just have to enter the code from SMS to register on Tinder again . Keep in mind that the VPN cannot be disabled, otherwise the application will give an error and will not load.
  • When creating an account, link it to an Apple ID or email address and verify it. You will need this so that in the future it will always be possible to enter Tinder without a number.

How to download Tinder on iPhone

. That is, unlike banking applications, returning it is quite simple – you don’t even have to use iMazing!

  • Go to the App Store and click on your avatar at the top right.
  • Select Purchased, then My Purchases.
    • Find Tinder in the list and click Download.
  • But this method is only suitable for those who have previously downloaded the application from the App Store. Is it possible to download Tinder on iPhone in this case? Of course yes! This will come in handy American Apple ID 
    • Go to your iPhone Settings and sign out of your Apple ID.
    • Follow the link and create a new one by selecting USA in the settings. Leave your old phone number.
    • Next, fill in all the fields, then enter the verification code – it will be sent to the mail.
    • Enter the details of the new Apple ID in Settings, then go to the App Store and enter the name of the application.
    • Click “Download”: after that, select “No” in the column for specifying payment data, and then fill in the rest of the fields using a randomizer to generate an address, zip code, and phone number – this is important.

After downloading the app, simply sign out of your spare Apple ID, sign in to your main account, and you’re good to go with Tinder . Don’t forget to turn on the VPN: otherwise, the content will stop loading in the app and you won’t see anything.

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