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How coronavirus interferes with iPhone usage


When Apple introduced Face ID, it called it the most convenient and secure identification method that modern smartphones have ever equipped. The new face recognition interface even surpassed Touch ID, not only increasing the reading speed, but also reducing the percentage of erroneous operations when the smartphone didn’t want to unlock it. Most users really appreciated the innovation and now can not imagine their life without Face ID. That’s just the Chinese coronavirus 2019-nCoV ruined everything.
2019-Nov is a new type of coronavirus that causes respiratory infections. He was first diagnosed in December 2019 and so far does not have well-developed methods of treatment. It is alleged that the spread of this coronavirus began with bats that were traded on the market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. To date, there are more than 7,000 infected, some of whom are French, Americans, Germans, and Russians. All of them either brought the virus from Wuhan or came into contact with infected people outside it.

Why does Face ID not work

The main disadvantage of Face ID, which at the same time can be considered its advantage, is the requirement to keep your eyes open and not overlap the lower part of the face during identification. In fact, there is nothing incredible about this. After all, in this way, the face recognition interface just wants to make sure that it is not deceived. But the fact is that in the context of the spread of coronavirus, many people even outside of China, not to mention China itself, began to wear face masks, thereby cutting off their path to using Face ID.

It would seem, well, what’s wrong with that? You need to access the contents of the iPhone – took off the mask and unlocked it. However, the fact is that in a day we unlock smartphones several dozen times a day to see notifications, scroll through the Instagram feed, write a message, and even just get on the screen with nothing to do. Therefore, each time you release the face from the mask to make Face ID recognize you, it is not only inconvenient but even dangerous, because this increases the risk of infection with coronavirus, which you need a mask to protect against. Of course, you can always enter a password, but, as for me, it is even less convenient, unless you use a 4-character combination.

Face ID or Health

But if in Russia or other European countries this problem can be called far-fetched, then in China today it concerns tens, if not hundreds of millions of people. As you probably know, in China, the practice of wearing masks is more widespread than anywhere else, but now it has become an almost urgent necessity. Therefore, those who care about their health have to choose between the convenience of using a smartphone and the danger of contracting a coronavirus, because the third in this story, unfortunately, is not given.

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