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“Healthcare” or how Apple makes our lives better


For the past year, Apple has never ceased to amaze us with the abundance of innovations that affect our health. First of all, this applies to the Apple Watch, which sets the tone for the entire industry. The Health app is a database collected from your smartphone, smartwatch, and third-party applications that not only collect data but also evaluate it over time. Thus, each of us can become an expert on our bodies. “Take a new look at your health” – this is the slogan of the company.

There is a fairly large list of functions that allow you to guard the most valuable thing we have. Some of them:

  •  Sleep tracking
  •  Control of the menstrual cycle in women
  •  Heart rate and heart rate monitoring
  •  ECG function greatly simplifies the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation
  •  Monitoring blood oxygen saturation
  •  Control of daily activity
  •  Counting calories per day
  •  Hearing protection from external influences
  •  Dealing with anxiety
  •  Drop sensor

In addition, with the advent of the “Commands” application, you can fully optimize automatic processes, such as control of drunk liquids, brushing teeth, drinking and smoking. This will not cause such difficulties as it might seem at first glance. Progress in the technological world is moving at an unimaginable speed, but many still deny the Teams app.

It would be nice to combine the analysis of all indicators and here three vectors of development are outlined:

  •  Data collection for medical research
  •  Collaboration with specific hospitals to optimize the healthcare system
  •  Remote work of a doctor with a patient, which will allow us to come to the doctor more prepared

Note that Apple often focuses on collaboration with specific US hospitals. We have already written about how Apple can monitor compliance with quarantine in the United States, but this practice has not yet been traced on the world stage.

Future technologies in real life

Through the development of health tracking technologies, it is possible for a doctor to work remotely.
For example, a cardiologist, knowing about the disease, will be able to monitor the pulse rate and, if necessary, request an electrocardiogram via a messenger to clarify the diagnosis, then make an appointment with you. This approach will significantly reduce queues at hospitals and admission departments of the hospital in such a difficult time when every exit outside the house can turn out to be deplorable. Among other things, this feature will make life much easier for patients with disabilities, who can send health reports without getting out of bed.

Digital documents will replace paper ones

In its presentation at WWDC 21, the company drew close attention to the wallet app, which will be able to integrate driver’s licenses in iOS 15.

Every owner of smartwatches at least once paid attention to the “Awards” column in the “Activity” application. It looks like a kind of medal for certain achievements. Today you have passed more than yesterday – for this, you will be awarded a medal. Or cycled more this week than previous ones. There is also a reward for this. If we talk about the individual approach and optimization of the application, and its integration into a specific life, then patients with a diagnosed episode of depression could go for walks more often, each time receiving a specific reward.

We all know that prevention is the best treatment, and Apple is no exception. Any Apple Watch owner has encountered the fact that after 45 minutes, the watch asks to get up and stretch. This is how we deal with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Who among the owners of the watch has not seen these annoying messages from the “breath” application demanding to devote a minute to rest? Such simple, low-discipline actions help us to become better every time. This is the magic.

The Health application collects data about every inhabitant of the planet using the company’s products, which can complicate the development of this direction in other countries.

Directions from the Cupertino-based company are hard to predict. As always, the bitten apple is covered with a veil of secrecy. But the ambitions with which the company burst into our lives. More recently, back in iOS 8, we were presented with the first Health application, it would seem that yesterday in 2014 we were shown a smartwatch that, according to many forecasts, even if it did not turn into a failure, would have outlived its usefulness for sure. From year to year, we are told about minor updates in the lineup, that the future of this gadget is a foregone conclusion. It is clearly seen that the company sees its own individual path of development, which began under Jobs and carried itself with dignity to the present day. Let’s see what awaits us next.

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